FIFA 22: First tests online - this is how the new football simulation performs

FIFA 22: First tests online - this is how the new football simulation performs


FIFA 22 is about toa> be released: The regular release will take place on October 1st. Get started earlier with the Ultimate Edition or a subscription to EA Play Pro (PC). With a basic membership at EA Play you can also test the football simulation for ten hours - on PC and consoles. The first tests for FIFA 22 will also go online around the release. In our overview below, we summarize the evaluations and conclusions of the international press. The website, which compiles the tests, served as the basis for the overview.

The reviews relate to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, which are supposed to provide a more realistic gaming experience than the Hypermotion technology the predecessors - this feature is missing on PC and last-gen consoles. FIFA 22 (buy now € 59.99 / € 53.99) is currently in the upper mid-range - with nine Xbox tests and 17 PS5 reviews. The website God is a Geek awards a proud 90 points in their test, especially praising the "many big changes in every element of the gameplay".

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FIFA 22: HyperMotion, gameplay and career mode - the EA kicker in the test

FIFA 22 in the test: We clarify what the gameplay on Next Gen it's good to see what difference Hypermotion really makes and how great the new career mode is. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

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play5 10/21 with cover story about FIFA vs. eFootball, preview of Call of Duty: Vanguard

play5 10/21: With a big preview of FIFA and eFootball, of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. Test for Hades and many more m. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1380352,1380339,1380319,1378677'; FIFA 22 received 86 percent in the test by IGN Italy. The portal praises a good balance - and that defenders are finally as strong as strikers. TrueGaming, on the other hand, calls for more "bolder changes" - and awards 80 points. XGN also praises the gameplay optimizations, but criticizes, among other things, an "almost unplayable career" that suffers from a number of bugs and glitches. "The Ultimate Team is still a pay-to-win festival and some modes are clearly less important than the Cashcow Ultimate Team. On the one hand, this is understandable, but on the other hand it is frustrating," continues the portal in its test >
We have included additional reviews below. Our FIFA 22 test is also already online. We praise the more detailed player models, smoother animations and more authentic gameplay, among other things. Points are deducted, among other things, for strange bugs and graphic errors, a number of national teams that have been deleted and the gameplay, which is sometimes disorganized.

FIFA 22: Test overview for the new EA kicker

God is a Geek - 90

FIFA 22 features tons of big changes in every element of gameplay, making this year's iteration the best version seen to date.

Press Start Australia - 90

FIFA 22 is the best FIFA game in years. HyperMotion pushes the action along, with a renewed focus on Career Mode more than welcome. It's a more refined, well-developed package this time around, and I'm excited to see where the series is headed in the future.

AusGamers - 90

Although it has its shortcomings, I've been really impressed with FIFA 22. EA has delivered one of the most in-depth career modes to date, and the new additions across the game's other modes are most welcome. I do hope to see more iteration across the board, but the gameplay this year feels top notch. It's a huge step forward for the series, and a proper showcase of what the new consoles are capable of.

IGN Italia - 86

FIFA 22 is the most interesting and deep entry in the series from years to date, thanks to its new physics, AI and level of details. FIFA 22 gives players a game finally balanced, where defenders have the same power of attackers. The spectacular and televised identity of the franchise, though, is always the same, but this comes as a silent revolution which, if not muted after a couple of match in the name of metagame and pro gaming, it could be a great start for the future.

COGconnected - 84

FIFA 22 is the improvement that many fans have been waiting for. Shifting the focus away from pace, the game has managed to achieve a new level of realism. Due to HyperMotion Technology, players act and move intelligently, increasing strategic possibilities in offensive and defensive scenarios. With a litany of tweaks and refinements, FIFA 22 is the best iteration of the sport in the franchise.

TrueGaming - 80

FIFA 22 presented several improvements to the various modes, yet, we are still waiting for EA to make bolder changes.

VGC - 80

FIFA 22 is the best in the series to date, even if its revamped animation isn't as revolutionary as billed. As a standalone title it's fantastic, even though avid players will likely feel that changes are negligible compared to last year.

Push Square - 80

FIFA 22 feels like real football, and it's all the better for it. Impressive improvements to player positioning, ball physics, and animations make for a supremely satisfying simulation that underpins each of the franchise's flagship modes. Career Mode doesn't reinvent the wheel, but the ability to create a club is entertaining, and the changes to player careers are overdue. Microtransactions still rule supreme in Ultimate Team, and you'll already have your own personal opinions on that, but there's so much to do in this year's release that you could easily invest hundreds of hours into it without seeing a single loot box. - ​​78

The EA Sports revolution comes to life in FIFA 22 for next gen, but in our opinion we are facing a starting point and certainly not a goal for Canadian football. The innovations guaranteed by Hypermotion Technology, a real pillar of this year's offer, give the scenic impact and gameplay a realism that is unprecedented for the series. Unfortunately, the refinement in the animations and the artificial intelligence tricks clash with the idea of ​​football that Electronic Arts has been repeating for a decade now: spectacular and frenetic, but too fast and not very inclined to strategy. In addition to the technical improvements, there is a content offer that has never been so rich and complex, but in large part a little too anchored to the past. In short, FIFA is heading towards excellence again without fully achieving it: it begins to transform its beating heart, but not its own head. And for a champion to become a champion, it is necessary to have both.

GamesRadar + - 70

A superb second next-gen season on the digital turf - but subtle Ultimate Team tweaks amplify the 'pay to win' criticisms that stalk this series annually.

Game Informer - 70

FIFA 22 might tout next-gen visuals and solid gameplay, but there aren't enough exciting changes to differentiate it from last year's experience.

XGN - 60

FIFA 22 offers a lot of new elements on next-gen. Gameplay is finally going in a clear direction and provides a clear picture of what to expect from this iteration of FIFA. Even though the gameplay finally seems fine, there are quite a few problems. Career is near unplayable thanks to loads of bugs and glitches, Ultimate Team is still a pay-to-win fest and a lot of modes are clearly less important than cash cow Ultimate Team, which is understandable, but still frustrating.

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