Attack on Titan, Hange Zoe cosplay from mk_ays is always a pleasure

Attack on Titan, Hange Zoe cosplay from mk_ays is always a pleasure

Attack on Titan

Let's go back to the parts of The Attack of the Giants, which continues to be a count of inspiration for cosplay, as this Hange Zoe by mk_ays demonstrates once again, a subject already experimented in the past by the model always with excellent results.

In this case, the subject is the same but the photographic set is different, more extensive in this case, but always very pleasant. As the Final Season continues and approaches its conclusion, given that the second part has a debut date set for January 2022, we therefore see this reinterpretation of Hange Zoe, who has become one of the favorite characters of the series.

This is of a fighter who has remained in the hearts of many fans, given her great skills in combat but also her multifaceted personality, which puts the thirst for knowledge first, as a scientist expert in the development of weapons and tactics to carry on the war to the giants. After being captain of the fourth team, she is named 14th commander of the Survey Corps.

Hange Zoe is therefore both a soldier and a tireless researcher, driven by the desire to discover the secrets of the Giants and the situation in which find humanity. Beyond his serious and self-righteous facade, he is nonetheless a person who has shown that he is capable of having particularly human feelings even towards giants.

In this case, the mk_ays cosplay corresponds to the version that had already elaborated in the past, but in this case additional shots with different expressions are added, some of which are somewhat distant from the typical mood of the original character but which are still very fascinating.

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Have you noticed any errors?

Attack On Titan A222


The story revolves Eren Yeager, a boy who lives in the town of Shiganshina, located on the outermost of three circular walls protecting humanity from Titans. In the year 845, the wall is breached by two new types of Titans, named the Colossus Titan and the Armored Titan. During the incident, Eren's mother is eaten by a Titan while Eren escapes. He swears revenge on all Titans and enlists in the military along with his childhood friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. He intends to join the Survey Corps, the expeditionary force that seeks to eradicate the Titans from the walls.

Five years after Shiganshina's fall, Trost is attacked once more by the Colossal Titan. The Survey Corps and regs rush to defend the city from rampaging Titans, and Eren learns that he has the mysterious ability to turn himself into a sentient Titan. This draws the attention of the Survey Corps, who intends to use his newfound power to reclaim Wall Maria. After a successful test run where Eren gains a semblance of control over his Titan form and fixes Wall Rose, the Military Police and government all hope at taking ownership over Eren and using his powers for their good. Eren is handed over to Captain Levi and Hange Zoe of the Special Operations Squad in the Survey Corps, where they test his limits and loyalty. Eren realizes that that he has to give himself pain and have a clear directive if he is to use his Titan form properly. Survey Corps commander Erwin Smith leads their troops into a daring expedition into the forest between the walls, where they encounter a sentient Female Titan killing their numbers. Levi's squad is killed in the ensuing battle, and Eren fails to use his Titan form properly in his rage. After regrouping and distancing themselves further from the Military Police's corruption, Eren and his companions deduce that their fellow military reg Annie Leonhart is the Female Titan. Eren and Annie fight, destroying property and killing many townsfolk before Annie crystallizes h

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