Sky and NOW: the main news from 10 to 16 October

Sky and NOW: the main news from 10 to 16 October

Sky and NOW

October continues to show itself as a month full of news brought to Sky and NOW. Between TV series and films, the schedule will expand considerably, leaving viewers glued to the screen. Let's find out together the main new titles that will be available from 10 to 16 October 2021.

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Sunday 10 October


Marriage is the most beautiful day, the crowning of a love story, the most heartfelt ceremony: flowers, the clothes of the spouses, the fairytale banquets, the attention to detail to make guests feel at ease. But what happens when 4 brides are pitted against each other on their wedding day, for a no holds barred contest, based on all the most important details of the wedding day? From Sunday 10 October "Quattro matrimoni" arrives on Sky and NOW. The iconic format produced by Banijay Italia for Sky puts four brides in competition with each other on the most special day, introducing the novelty of the conduction: it will be Costantino della Gherardesca who will hold the ranks of the challenge with his slightly noble and slightly noble savoir faire. 'cynical. Conductor, soul and referee of the race, Costantino will have the role of holding the reins of the game, collecting the comments of the brides, but also commenting on weddings himself with his unmistakable humor.


Animation that follows the adventures of the female hedgehog Latte, the protagonist of popular children's books in Germany and created by the Scandinavian poet and writer Sebastian Lybeck in the 1950s One day the animals of the forest wake up to find that the magical cornerstone has disappeared. The consequence is dramatic: a terrible drought, which could lead the animals of the forest to extinction. The energetic Latte then volunteers to go and retrieve it from the claws of the bear king who stole it.


World Mental Health Day, which occurs every October 10, is the internationally recognized day since 1992 to raise awareness of mental health. Sky Cinema Drama joins the awareness choir with an ad hoc program that includes 5 films from 15.00: PROOF - THE PROOF, in which Gwyneth Paltrow is the daughter of a mad mathematician (Anthony Hopkins) and fears she has inherited the madness as well as the talent; I WANTED TO HIDE MY HIDDEN by Giorgio Rights, where Elio Germano, awarded with the Silver Bear, gives life to the painter Antonio Ligabue, a genius with a troubled life, also for his psychiatric problems; Ron Howard's masterpiece, awarded with 4 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes, A BEAUTIFUL MIND in which Russell Crowe is John Nash, mathematical genius and Nobel laureate suffering from schizophrenia; the film about the world of psychiatry THE STATE OF MIND which sees Richard Gere in the role of a doctor who tries experimental therapies on three schizophrenic patients convinced that they are Jesus; and the psychological drama SWALLOW with Haley Bennett called upon to play a young bride who vents her inner turmoil by indulging the insane urge to ingest inedible objects.


The Price of Gold takes a fresh look at the scandal that elevated Tonya Harding's popularity and her turbulent life and career. A few weeks before the 1994 Olympics at the US Figure Skating Championships, Nancy Kerrigan is injured by an unknown assailant Tonya Harding's ex-husband planned the attack with her misfit friends to take Kerrigan out of the competition. br>


On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the death of Alberto Giacometti, Sky Arte dedicates the evening to the famous sculptor. In prime time, the documentary Alberto Giacometti by Stanley Tucci is broadcast in which Stanley Tucci travels around Europe to tell Giacometti, bringing out, as far as possible, the personality behind the talent, starting from archive material and testimonies. This documentary is also a bright glimpse of Giacometti's works and his way of understanding the relationship with art and life. Following the episode Art Investigation dedicated to the artist.


A spectacular and full of adventure story about the birth of the global movement to protect the sea. From frozen underwater worlds to glistening coral sanctuaries, this film tells the steps to take to build movement and create positive change.


Comes to Nickelodeon “Kamp Koral ”, the spin off series of the legendary Spongebob! A real leap into the past to retrace the first adventures of the always smiling yellow sponge and her greatest friends. Kamp Koral is a summer camp, with an attached dormitory, for all the children of Bikini Bottom. It will become the ideal place for SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy, aged 10, to make new friends, experience epic adventures and drive their advisor Squidward Tentacle crazy!

Monday 11 October


Taylor Sheridan, screenwriter of Sicario and director of The Secrets of Wind River, directs Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Hoult in an action set in the woods of Montana. An intrepid paratrooper firefighter, torn by remorse for not saving three lives from a fire, helps a lonely, injured and life-threatening 12-year-old.


Monday 11 October is Coming Out Day, the international anniversary in which the LGBT community celebrates the importance of coming out. For the occasion, Sky Cinema Romance offers a themed evening with two films that address this issue: Ferzan Ozpetek's comedy MINE VAGANTI in which Riccardo Scamarcio is Tommaso, a boy who returns to Puglia after his studies, determined to affirm his choices work and personal; and the comedy of misunderstandings with Monica Guerritore AS NOT TOLD, in which a boy who has always hidden from his family that he is gay, is surprised by the unannounced arrival of his boyfriend.


In Indonesia between 1965 and 1966, General Suharto initiated one of the bloodiest purges in history. With the complicity and support of the Indonesian army, paramilitary groups massacre over a million people. The Look Of Silence rewrites history through empathy, taking it to courtyards, private rooms, natural theaters of death.

Tuesday 12 October


Emma Roberts, Milla Jovovich, Danielle Macdonald (Patti Cake $) and Awkwafina in a coming-of-age tale that transports female claims in a fantastic key. After refusing to marry a man of her social class, Uma wakes up in a school, located on an island, where the girls participate in a re-education program aimed at making them helpful companions. Soon Uma meets other girls who share her fate and, together, try to challenge the rules of the Duchess who controls the island.


A look at Hillary's life and work Rodham Clinton, through 4 biographical episodes and backstory images from her presidential campaign in 2016. ”I felt there was a much more interesting story to tell about her. There were many more important issues ". So director Nanette Burstein decided to explore how Clinton had become one of the most admired and maligned people in the country at the same time.

Wednesday, October 13


Diane Keaton and Jeremy Irons together in a romantic comedy that sees the intertwining of multiple love stories. Working in the wedding circuit does not mean having a perfect love life, a driver looking for his Cinderella, a messy wedding planner and a new couple over the years made up of a blind person and a meticulous catering organizer know it well.


On Wednesday 13 October, on the occasion of the 50th birthday of the British actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer Sacha Baron Cohen, Sky Cinema Comedy proposes in the late evening the biting comedy, politically incorrect, BORAT for which our protagonist was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Film in 2007 and the Oscar® nomination for best non-original screenplay.


Documentary film of 2018 directed by Chris Paine that outlines the benefits and above all the dangers of artificial intelligence, through interviews with various important personalities such as and Ray Kurzweil Elon Musk and Johnathan Nolan. The documentary is dedicated to Stephen Hawking.


The jazz musicians of the international scene tell their stories in this documentary, a synthesis of the homonymous series of ten dedicated monographic documentaries to as many musicians from the New York jazz scene. The viewer is led through the streets of New York and in the places where jazz has developed, through influences and contaminations with other musical genres (neo soul, hip hop, r & b jazz progressive, free jazz, rock), defining itself in its contemporary form. . The 10 leading artists are influential figures in world jazz who tell their story in the first person. The vision is engaging and inspired by a message that goes beyond music, through intense reflections and aspects of profound humanity.

Friday, October 15th


1849 , Texas, USA, in the western series starring Pierce Brosnan, the young brothers Eli and Martin McCullough are kidnapped by a tribe of Comanche natives, while the rest of their family is murdered. 1915, several decades have passed since that terrible year, but the memory of those days is still well imprinted in the memory of Eli, who subsequently managed to make a fortune and who despite adversity became one of the richest and most unscrupulous tycoons of Texas, a true "cattle lord," thanks to his boundless properties. Eli, however, always looks ahead, it is no coincidence that he is particularly interested in the oil industry, which could truly represent the future. As the years go by, however, his empire is increasingly at risk, and his relationship with his son Pete, the youngest, is increasingly problematic.


Biopic with Harvey Keitel and Sam Worthington who tells the true story of mobster Meyer Lansky. Miami: under the custody of the FBI, the now elderly Belarusian criminal, a member of the "Jewish Syndicate", decides to tell the journalist David Stone about his life. But events will take a tragic turn. Is Lansky continuing to fool everyone?


From the pop of the sixties to today's gender claims, from the rebellious feminism of the seventies to the fashion icons of the social media era , from Françoise Hardy to Christine and the Queens, passing through Vanessa Paradis, Catherine Ringer, Charlotte Gainsbourg and many others. This documentary by François Armanet explores the condition of women and music, telling the unedited story of French rock stars. Narrated by Clémence Poésy, the documentary combines interviews and iconic footage to subvert perspectives and kick patriarchy.

Saturday, October 16


A family struggling with a haunted house in Madrid in the 70s. Manolo, wife, children and grandfather suffering from senile dementia move to the Spanish capital and have very high expectations when they take possession of the apartment. But soon one of the sons begins to feel strange presences, while another disappears into thin air.


Global catastrophes, climatic calamities, threatening aliens and devastating artificial intelligences yes unleash from Saturday 16 to Friday 22 October on Sky Cinema Collection. Among the 25 titles scheduled in the programming we point out: the spectacular films in which the threats come from the sky GREENLAND with Gerard Butler in the role of an engineer who with his family must reach a bunker to save himself from the imminent impact of a comet, and the remake of a Steven Spielberg science fiction classic WAR OF THE WORLDS starring Tom Cruise as a worker trying to defend his family during a violent alien invasion; dangerous volcanoes heat the environment in the film with Kit Harington and Kiefer Sutherland POMPEI, which stages the historic destruction, in the catastrophic action with Jason Isaacs SKYFIRE, set on a Pacific island, and in the fictional action with Tommy Lee Jones VULCANO - LOS ANGELES 1997.

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