Zyxel launches the new Cloud Email Security solution

Zyxel launches the new Cloud Email Security solution

Zyxel Networks has announced the release of the SaaS-based Cloud Email Security (CES) Solution. Flexible working models have become the norm in many industries over the past 18 months.

But, despite the obvious benefits, this presents network administrators with a challenge: protecting workers, both in the office, both remote, with escalating threats, always paying attention to optimizing IT investments.

As research found that mail servers were one of the top three assets targeted in security breaches in 2020, organizations must ensure that they are not vulnerable to attacks of this type.

Zyxel's Cloud Email Security solution is designed to defend email servers from cyber threats, without having to intervene on the existing network infrastructure .

The solution includes anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spam and TLS encryption. Provides network administrators with a complete cloud-based email security solution ideal for safeguarding a distributed workforce.

To make the task of securing email servers even easier, the solution is takes advantage of the cloud. This means there is no hardware to install and the solution will work in harmony with any existing network infrastructure or security solution. mail, for contact with customers and staff.

The comprehensive management dashboard gives network administrators the ability to manage, monitor and analyze user and mailbox behavior, to easily identify any potential threats without the need for a dedicated internal IT or security team.

Easy to use and flexible, CES is a subscription based service that can be flexibly licensed to 5, 10, 25, 50 users.

It is compatible with cloud systems , such as Office 365 and Google, and with on-premise email servers, ensuring networks are protected no matter where staff or servers are located.

Nathan Yen, Zyxel's AVP Business Unit Gateway, explains: “The challenges facing SMB network administrators cannot be ignored. The parameters of their role have changed and the distributed nature of employees in multiple places and geographical areas has put a strain on their ability to safeguard the network from increasingly sophisticated threats ".

" The introduction of the solution Cloud Email Security is designed to help organizations secure their networks as they prepare to handle long-term hybrid work ”

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