We drank Rocco Siffredi's energy drink

We drank Rocco Siffredi's energy drink

La prova by Rocco Energizer, a limited edition drink produced for the famous actor and director of adult films. If Red Bull gives you wings, here's what this gives you ...

(Photo: Wired) The news reached Wired from the main source at the end of June. Rocco Energizer is a new energy drink, “powered by” and “produced for”, Rocco Siffredi. The well-known actor, director and producer of adult entertainment has stamped his signature and logo on the can. Which is limited edition, but has the same colors (blue, gold and red) as the segment leader and has been on sale on the web since the summer. The shape is also the classic one that Red Bull imposed on the market decades ago: cylindrical and elongated, 250 ml. The can of Siffredi therefore appears able-bodied, compared to other competitors in the energy drink market, which use formats that contain up to 330 ml of product.

The drink is carbonated, pasteurized and enriched with Caffeine, Taurine, Sugar and Vitamins. In fact, among the ingredients there is also Niacin (vitamin PP or vitamin B3) which, together with the other vitamins of the B group (B6, B12), contributes to energy metabolism: it reduces the feeling of tiredness and improves physical performance, as well as attention and mental concentration. The effect is caused, not by the canonical acidifiers and dyes (caramel) present in soft drinks, but by the high caffeine content which makes the drink not suitable for children and pregnant / breastfeeding women.

The leaflet of the retrolactin reveals, however, that the Rocco Energizer, although it has the same content of Caffeine (0.032%) and Taurine (0.4%), percentages in the hand is less powerful than Red Bull: for the same 100 ml of drink, the energy value is lower, as well as the quantity of Niacin, vitamin B6 and B12. However, the ingredients reveal that Rocco Energizer contains almost 2 grams less sugar.

(Photo: roccoenergizer.com) The mix of ingredients produces a flavor with the classic chemical aftertaste of an energy drink , which therefore must please the palate. The Siffredi soft drink has a slightly more fruity flavor and is less pungent than the products of other brands such as Burn or Monster, as well as slightly sweeter than the historic taste of Toro Rosso. The drink is produced in a factory in Poland and is marketed by the Italian company Altelio. It can only be purchased on the official website and costs 1.75 euros per can (discounted at 1.50), with the pack of 24 cans which is offered on offer at 29.50 euros.

(Photo : Wired) But what is the scope of the Rocco Energizer? At the end of the last century, the owner and founder of Red Bull, the Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, chose to merge the brand with the world of extreme sports: starting from his personal passion for flying (with the Teutonic "Flugtag"), then moving on to cliff jumping, bmx, surfing, up to the pinnacle of motor racing, with the F1 team. The Monster brand has also chosen to link itself to the sporting environment, in fact it is among the historical sponsors of the king of centaurs: Valentino Rossi, VR46.

So in what context it is useful to consume Rocco Energizer, to increase performance and concentration, as well as reduce fatigue? Wired asked the famous star originally from Abruzzo directly, who in prompt reply sent an absolutely NSFW and VM18 video, of which we publish a super-censored frame above. On the film set of the Hard Academy in Budapest, the professional masterclass where the famous director teaches theories and techniques of adult cinema to future actors in the sector, near a sofa where the first row of naked students sits, there are some empty cans of Rocco Energizer.

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