The Panini Marvel Italia, Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases of 30 September 2021

The Panini Marvel Italia, Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases of 30 September 2021

The Panini Marvel Italia

Through its official website, Panini Comics has announced the Panini Marvel Italia Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases of 30 September 2021. We point out X-Men: The Shadow of Onslaught, the volume The Invisible Woman: Accomplices drawn by Mattia De Iulis, special X-Men: Infernal Gala and the new collection of The Savage Sword of Conan.

Panini Marvel Italia, Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases on September 30, 2021

Panini Marvel Italia releases on September 30, 2021

Marvel Omnibus X-Men: The Shadow of Onslaught

Authors: Scott Lobdell, Joe Madureira, Andy Kubert, Mark Waid, Various authors

18.3X27.7, 992 pp., Hardback with dust jacket, 85,00 €

Contains Uncanny X-Men (1963) # 322/332, X-Men (1991) # 42/52, X-Men Prime (1995) # 1, Sabretooth Special (1995) # 1, X- Men vs. The Brood (1996) # 1/2, Wolverine (1988) # 101, X-Force (1991) # 44, X-Men Unlimited (1993) # 10, X-Men Annual 95, Uncanny X-Men Annual 95

Back from the Age of Apocalypse, a new threat looms over the X-Men: Onslaught! A spy sneaks into Xavier's children in one of their hardest moments! The ferocious Sabretooth seems to have calmed down and is a guest of the school ... but he can be trusted! Mythical 90's X-stories illustrated by superstars of yesterday and today: Andy Kubert, Joe Madureira, Bryan Hitch and many more!

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Amazing Spider-Man 70

Authors: Nick Spencer, Ed Brisson, Carlos Gomez, Mark Bagley, Various authors

17X26, 48 pp., Stapled, 5,00 €

Contains Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: Chameleon's Conspiracy (2021) # 1

The Chameleon's Conspiracy Ends Here! Will Dmitri Smerdyakov and his teacher be able to shed light on Peter and Teresa's parents? The Stranger and Chance play the last card to get rid of their opponents! Who will be the new Sinister Six members for Sinister War?

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Savage Avengers 22

Authors: Patrick Zircher, Gerry Duggan

17X26, 24 pp., Stapled, € 3.00

Contains Savage Avengers (2019) # 21

A new encounter / clash for Conan ... or rather two! The Barbarian has become the owner of a New York building, but some might not like it. Meanwhile, as Kulan Gath carries out his criminal plans, another hero comes into play: Ghost Rider. Do you know what the Cimmerian usually does when he is faced with a flaming skull? He extinguishes it with his sword!

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Marvel Collection The Invisible Woman: Accomplices

Authors: Mattia de Iulis, Mark Waid

17X26, 112 pp., Hardcover, € 16.00

Contains Invisible Woman (2019) # 1/5

The first comic dedicated to Susan Storm! Years ago, the Invisible Woman fulfilled a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D. Now the past has returned to haunt her, bringing with it shocking revelations. Sue needs an ally, and she will find her in the Black Widow!

Guardians of the Galaxy 13

Authors: Juan Frigeri, Al Ewing

17X26, 24 pp., Pinned, € 3.00

Contains Guardians of the Galaxy (2020) # 13

A new beginning for the Guardians of the Galaxy in a special 32-page issue! To the drawings, the artist of Spectacular Spider-Man and Ghost Rider! New enemies! New allies! And a new perspective for Peter Quill's team! And Al Ewing has a new member in mind for the group you'll never guess!

Buy Guardians of the Galaxy 13 at X-Men: Hell Gala

Authors: Pepe Larraz, Gerry Duggan

17X26, 48 pp., Stapled, € 5.00

Contains Planet Size X-Men (2021) # 1

The Infernal Gala reaches its peak! A surprising event will forever change the fate of the mutants ... and Krakoa! A special signed by the upcoming X-Men writers: Gerry “Marauders” Duggan and Pepe “House of X” Larraz! Trust me: in this issue there are some of the most beautiful tables you will admire this year!

New Mutants 16

Authors: Alex Lins, Vita Ayala

17X26, 32 pp ., Spilled, € 3.00

Contains New Mutants (2019) # 19

It's time for a Hellfire Gala for all the New Mutants ... but it's also time comparisons! Danielle and Rahne, Magik and Karma, Warlock and Doug (with Bei). Meanwhile, on the island, the King of Shadows continues to weave his web… and Gabby “Scout” Kinney writes a letter to his newly resurrected sister Laura!

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Wolverine 15

17X26, 32 pp., stapled, 3,00 €

Contains Wolverine (2020) # 13

After the events of X-Force 17, the Infernal Gala arrives on the Canadian clawed series! Logan, Domino and the other members of X-Force have to contend with an embarrassing and chatty "posting" at the party of the year ... but also with the troubled representatives of Terra Verde! And at the end of the big party… the problems continue!

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X-Factor 9

Authors: Leah Williams , David Baldeón

17X26, 32 pp., Stapled, € 3.00

Contains X-Factor (2020) # 10

The new X-Factor gathers to participate in the Infernal Gala ... without knowing that it has reached the end of the line! The soul of the group leaves the team! Prodigy discovers who killed him, Daken who killed Aurora, and Trevor ... well, it's Trevor! Eventually, however, there will be a mysterious new murder case to solve!

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S.W.O.R.D. 6

Authors: Valerio Schiti, Al Ewing

17X26, 32 pp., Spillato, 3,00 €

Contains S.W.O.R.D. (2021) # 6

The Infernal Gala is over and it's time to reflect on the latest developments… but also for the after party! Now Krakoa is a galactic power worthy of sitting at the table of cosmic empires ... and it will be up to Abigail Brand and Ambassador Frenzy to manage the relationship. Also, Magneto receives an unexpected visit at the end of the Gala!

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Panini Comics releases of 30 September 2021

The Savage Sword of Conan (1989-I)

Authors: Gary Kwapisz, Mike Docherty, Charles Dixon, Andy Kubert

20.5X27.5, 320 pp., Hardcover, € 28.00

Contains The Savage Sword of Conan (1974) # 156 / 161

Is there honor among thieves? Conan will find out at his expense as he and his gang try to steal a treasure from a powerful lord. We will then find him on a mission to save some Cimmerian slaves, before being enslaved himself and reuniting with a group of Kozaki warriors renegade for an impossible feat, as well as venturing into dangerous lands full of demons… Buy Conan's Savage Sword (1989-I) on Asterix Collection 13 - Asterix Legionnaire Authors: René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo

21.8X28.7, 48 pp., Paperback, € 6.90 Contains Astérix Legionnaire At the village of the Gauls the beautiful Falbalà reaches the impressive, visiting the family of origin. For Obelix it is love at first sight, but unfortunately the young woman is already engaged. Indeed, his beloved Tragicomix was forcibly forced into the ranks of Caesar to fight against Pompey the African. At that point, Obelix just has to put his feelings aside and enlist in turn, along with Asterix, to go and save him! Discover many curiosities about these volumes with Asterix in pills, the fun online lessons held by Professor Luca “Il Collegio” Raina! Buy Asterix Collection 13 - Asterix Legionario on The Mandalorian: The Season One Special

Authors: Various Authors

21X28, 80 pp., Hardcover, € 7.90

Contains Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season One Special

After decades of terror, the Galactic Empire no longer exists and the New Republic is taking its first steps. But this does not mean that the dangers far from the authority of the government do not exist. And this is where the Mandalorian moves, the legendary bounty hunter who lives by an ancient moral code and fights for survival. This is the way… and this is the volume that, through photos, anecdotes and original drawings, tells the production and the secrets of the first season of one of the most watched TV series ever. All you need to know about the Child, the Mandalorian, the Beskar, the means of transport and weapons! Buy The Mandalorian: The Season One Special on I Banchetti di Asterix 21X29, 144 pp., Hardcover, € 30.00

Contains Les Banquets d’Astérix Savor the best of Asterix's adventures! With 40 recipes illustrated and inspired by the Gallic tradition and the journeys undertaken by the irreducible Gauls, you too will have the opportunity to taste the delicious dishes that Asterix and Obelix try during their raids: from Greece to Brittany, from Belgium to Switzerland ... without forgetting the classic wild boar, of course! In the appendix, the Panoramix illustrated herbarium. Bon appétit! Buy Asterix's Banquets at

Star Wars Collection - Star Wars: Target Vader

Authors: Stefano Landini, Cris Bolson, Marc Laming

17X26, 136 pp ., Paperback, € 14.00

A complete story starring Darth Vader on the hunt for a mysterious crime syndicate close to the Rebels. Unbeknownst to him, however, there is a group of the most lethal bounty hunters in the galaxy on his trail, and leading them is Beilert Valance, the Hunter!

The Panini Disney releases of 30 September 2021

Mickey Mouse 3436

Authors: Various authors

13.9X18.6, 160 pp., Paperback, € 3.00 Me, Uncle Scrooge

Authors: Various authors

14X18.6, 192 pp., Paperback, 4.50 €

This month's Disney Hero is all dedicated to Scrooge de 'Scrooge, his extraordinary adventures and the various journeys that see him as the protagonist. There is Uncle Scrooge and Ringo's spurs, first published in 2001 and signed by Rodolfo Cimino and Valerio Held and the funny Uncle Scrooge and the "dragonflies" of the Catacurbitan, in which Scrooge faces a serious problem: the presence of banknotes false in your store ... Buy Disney Hero 98 Uncle Scrooge at The Handbook of Young Marmots 18

Authors: Various authors

14.5X19.5, 144 pp., Paperback, € 4.90

Two more episodes of the great saga written by Alessandro Sisti and never republished since the 90s: the Menaccia dall'infinito continues, with drawings by Corrado Mastantuono and Sergio Cabella. Written by Carl Barks and designed by Daan Jippes, the revisited classic The Young Marmots and the stormy dance. In addition, a gem from 1974, Le Giovani Marmotte Small large ducks found, for the drawings of Maestro Romano Scarpa, and again Le GM and the specialized dog, written and designed by Alessia Martusciello. And then three unpublished stories and many articles and services dedicated to nature. Buy The Young Groundhog Handbook 18 at

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