PTC2, the report of the second day of the Pokémon Team Championship!

PTC2, the report of the second day of the Pokémon Team Championship!


In recent days, the second day of PTC, the largest Italian competitive Pokémon project for video games, has been played. In case you don't know it, we refer you to the article introducing the initiative.

The weekly appointment with PTC2 went on air on Tuesday, September 28th. Francesco Pardini and Pietro Xella accompanied the numerous competitive Pokémon fans in the matches that marked the second week of competition between the teams participating in this tournament. The first week ended with Enrico Mostallino's Dragons in the lead, a position conquered thanks to fewer games lost by his players. A sort of goal difference that has hoisted the dragons in front of the teams on equal points.

The matches

The stadium of the Pokémon Sword and Shield comparisons The first match of the second week, went to aired as per tradition on our Twitch channel, it was between Andrea "Banfox" Olea, highest paid player of the entire PTC2 as well as a leading member of the Dragons, against Andrea Ciccone, second pick in the Cannons draft, reigning champions from the first edition. Both showed up with a Kyogre to fill the only position dedicated to Legendary Pokémon available in their team. Two very different Kyogre, however, as Banfox preferred a very fast team on the field thanks to his partner Tornadus, while Ciccone opted for a slower team to play under the so-called distorted zone, a move that allows slower Pokémon to move first. for 5 turns. Banfox's was a winning move, as he managed to stem his rival's strategy, winning 2 games to 0.

The second clash saw Giovanni "Genius" Piscitelli, former Trains captain now in the hands of Daniele Spuntarelli as well as a member of the graphic team of the entire project, face Enrico Grimaldi, proud member of Captain Shai's Meteors Giuseppe Rabà . Also in this challenge we saw a mirror clash between two very similar teams, both built around Zacian. The two teams differed in Enrico Grimaldi's choice of having two grass Pokémon such as Rillaboom and Amoonguss along with a peculiar Thundurus, while Genius opted for Amoonguss, Grimmsnarl and a Gyarados. Genius managed to prevail thanks to choices that, in completely mirror situations, allowed him to gain more and more advantage over the opponent.

The third clash had the two highest paid players of the Spoons as protagonists. by Davide Carrer and Giacomo Bobolenta's Guardians, or respectively Francesco "CICCIOTT" Pio Pero and Antonio "Rey" Raimondo. Finally a match with two different legendaries such as Zacian for Rey, flanked by an increasingly popular Kommo-o, and Eternatus for CICCIOTT, flanked by a peculiar Mamoswine. It was probably the most exciting game of the evening, seasoned with a super play such as the so-called "self-roar", or using the roar move that forces the target to be replaced. A strategy usually used to put the opponent in difficulty of positioning, on his partner, so as to allow him to make an attack anyway, suffer the attacks of the opponent or a decrease in statistics as in this case, and then be replaced by a partner cleaning up. from the drop in attack and special attack. As you can guess, the match was won by Francesco Pio Pero 2 to 1, once again proving to be one of the best promises of the Italian VGC.

The fourth and last clash saw Alessio "NikyuAlex" Fuscà, famous player of the Roman scene and member of Flavio Del Pidio's Blasters, challenge Leonardo Bonanomi, captain of the Travelers and the man who led them to the final in the last edition. NikyuAlex has relied on a particularly resistant Kyogre with leftovers to face Leo and his fearsome Calyrex-Shadow, a legendary particularly widespread even if not seen so far in PTC2. After 3 games of the highest level, Leonardo Bonanomi wins thanks to an Urshifu-pluricolpo with which he was able to take advantage of the rain brought on by the skill of Alessio's Kyogre.

The result of the second week of competition saw the Spoons prevail over the Guardians for 3 victories against 2, the Blasters yield 2 to 3 under the incessant blows of the Travelers, the Trains derailed for 2 to 3 under the wrath of the Meteors, and the Dragons continue their indisputable domination thanks to a violent 5 to 0 against the reigning champions Cannons.

The matches of the third week will be published on the official Instagram page of PTC2 as well as insights and memes on the competition and its protagonists. Furthermore, the next appointment on Twitch is Monday 4 October at 11:00 on the channel for further information and previews on the results of the third week of competition, which will be broadcast the following day or Tuesday 5 October at 18:00 on FrancescoPardiniVGC channel.

Edited by Angelo Peruzzi

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