The best board games to play under an umbrella

The best board games to play under an umbrella

What are the best board games to play under an umbrella? Summer 2021 has now begun so why not play some nice board games? Not all, in fact, are complicated to manage between beach towels and buckets and indeed some are just designed for these occasions. Let's see together which are, in our opinion, the best board games to play under the umbrella, or the fun, transportable products, which take up little space and are virtually usable on a deckchair without major problems of space or materials.

Board games to play under the umbrella

Dobble Lupus in Tabula The Mind Coup Bang! Coloretto Sushi Go! 3 Secrets Perudo Hive Tantrix Uno The game is drawn


Do you think you have a glance and quick reflexes? Dobble is the perfect game to show everyone your skills. It is one of the most popular card games on the market due to its ease of understanding and fun. The players, placed in front of two cards each containing 8 symbols of different sizes, must find the only symbol in common; it seems easy to say, but thanks to the 50 symbols placed randomly on the 55 cards, the challenge is anything but simple. Dobble features 5 mini-games and can be played by 2 to 8 players over the age of 6. All the papers and the regulations are found inside a small cylindrical tin box and, among the many editions, there is also a waterproof version (this is waterproof and water resistant).

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Lupus in Tabula

One of the most famous group games finally arrives in a card game version with all the official rules and some revisited. The new edition of Lupus in Tabula features an even richer version. Each player is dealt a “role” card bearing a type of character that remains secret. Essentially you can be a human (among which there is also some special character) or a werewolf. The game is divided into "day" and "night": during the night the werewolves agree and "tear apart" (or eliminate) a human during the day all the players must decide through a vote that is influenced by any type of chat or rumor of lynching a possible werewolf. If at any time the werewolves still alive are equal to the humans they win otherwise the humans win if they kill all the werewolves. It is a fun game that is perfect for large companies. One of the novelties is the introduction of ghosts that lets everyone play until the mystery is solved.

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The Mind

From the publishers of acclaimed The Game series, The Mind is more than just a card game. It is a real experiment, a journey in which each player receives a number of cards equal to the level he is playing; the goal is to get rid of your cards by playing them in the center one at a time and in ascending order, but the cards can be lowered at any time: there are no game turns, you cannot exchange information or agree. If you manage to pass the last level together, you will have won the game, but to be able to win you will need to be in complete harmony. There is also an even more complex extreme version where there are two decks to play simultaneously in ascending and descending order, where you will have to play blindly and you will also have to deal with time.

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You are the head of a family in an Italian city-state, a city run by a weak and corrupt. Your job will be to manipulate, bluff and bribe to follow the path to power. Your aim is to destroy the influence of all other families, forcing them into exile. Only one family will survive. A game for 2-6 players that can be played quickly and has really simple and immediate rules to learn. Be warned, though, as some friendships might blow up!

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The Outlaws are hunting the Sheriff. The Sheriff hunts down the Outlaws. The Renegade plots in the shadows, ready to take sides on one side or the other. Bullets fly. Who among the gunslingers will be an aide to the Sheriff, ready to sacrifice himself for him? And who, on the other hand, is a ruthless Outlaw, who is waiting for nothing but to kill him? There are many versions of this famous game related to as many game expansions, including one in which it increases the randomness by presenting a mechanic focused solely on dice.

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Coloretto is a card game that is as famous as it is simple. The rules are explained in less than a minute and one game leads to another: each player on his turn chooses whether to draw a chameleon card and place it on a row that has fewer than three, or whether to collect a row of cards from the table. It is possible to collect chameleons of any color, but beware: some colors are worth points, while others make them lose. The number of players ranges from 2 to 5 and is recommended for ages 8 and up.


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Sushi Go!

In Sushi Go! 2 to 5 players will play cards depicting types of sushi on the table in front of them to represent the dishes enjoyed during dinner. Combos of identical cards generate more points even in the face of greater difficulty in being able to make pairs, three of a kind or four of a kind. This is because after having lowered the cards from your hand you will have to pass the stack of cards you used to the next opponent, receiving another deck from which to make the next play from the one before you. This action simulates the flow of the tape in the game and keeps the gameplay anchored to the theme.

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3 Secrets

The game of hidden truths. In 3 Secrets, you are investigators dealing with unsolved cases. An undercover agent knows the truth, but he can't reveal everything she knows or her role would be compromised. Question him and solve the case before the criminal gets away with it. Time is running out and clues are scarce: powers of observation, lateral thinking and deductive skills will be essential to reveal the three secrets of the ambiguous characters of this game. Download the free App, available on Google Play and Apple Store to have the complete gaming experience.

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Rediscover an ancient bluffing game full of twists and turns. Shake the five dice in the colored glass, turn it over, find out the values ​​of your dice and bet on the results of the other players. Warning, bluffing does not mean cheating: players must be careful not to change the values ​​of their dice. The last player who remains in possession of one or more dice wins the game. A game that is easy to carry thanks to its handy bag and can be played by 2 to 6 players aged 8 and up.

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Two fierce groups of insects fight each other by writhing, moving and swarming against each other in an attempt to imprison the opposing queen bee: the ants nimbly move around the line, the grasshoppers jump from one side to the other, the spiders crawl at the edges while the heavy beetles climb over the other insects. Hive certainly belongs to the category of abstract games, such as mechanics and simplicity of regulation. Nevertheless, the strong characterization of the pieces and the graphics help to give the game a soul and at certain moments you really get the impression of controlling an army of insects. In Hive, each player controls hexagonal shaped pieces, representing 5 different types of invertebrate creatures. There is no map or chessboard but the pieces themselves form the playing field by touching each other. If carrying a chessboard to the beach becomes uncomfortable, with Hive you can have the same emotion with greater ease of transport especially with the pocket version.

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Tantrix is ​​a logic game recommended for all ages. It is a combination of the award-winning Tantrix game and intuitive logic with 12 unique puzzles. Placing the predefined game tiles and completing the related circuits so that all touching lines are of a matching color is the primary objective of the game. Alternatively, you can create your own goals.

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UNO is the classic card game where players take turns matching a card with that face up on top of the deck by color or number. The first player to have no cards in hand wins. The explanation is practically superfluous because the game is really famous, but in this case we want to recommend the new water-resistant plastic cards, which allow for endless fun everywhere, even outdoors. Action cards allow you to spice up the game by making it difficult for your opponents.

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The Game is Stretch

Il Gioco è Tratto is a project that was born with the aim of showing how you can still play with "pen and paper", not only to the great classics such as hangman or trio, but also to modern games designed by international game designers specifically for Studio Supernova. The Game is Tratto was published in the Book format and contains 32 games grouped into 5 macro-categories: strategy, calculation, storytelling, dexterity and games for children. The Pocket version is now proposed. The first release of the series includes 10 Strategy and Tactics games, printed on boards that can be erased and replayed indefinitely.

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