Matrix | The best gadgets for true enthusiasts

Matrix | The best gadgets for true enthusiasts

The arrival of the latest trailer has definitively dissolved every single doubt: Matrix, the real Matrix, is finally about to return. An event much awaited by fans from all over the world who, after the controversial conclusion of the trilogy, can't wait to see how the story signed by the Wachowskis can continue.

Waiting for December 22, the American release date of Matrix Resurrections, we at have a surprise for you: a list of those gadgets that cannot be missing in the home of a true Matrix fan. There really is something for everyone ... Don't you believe it? Let's take a look together!

The best Matrix-themed gadgets

The Matrix Matrix T-Shirt (4K + Blu Ray) The Matrix Trilogy Matrix Collection with figurine Poster The Matrix Costume Neo Matrix Mouse Mat The Matrix Mug The Matrix Glitch Thermal Travel Mug The Matrix Set Coasters The Matrix Phone Cover The Matrix for iPhone and Android Funko Pop John Wick

The Matrix T-Shirt

Let's start with the most classic gadget of all: a T-Shirt depicting a of the most famous scenes of the Matrix series, if not of the entire history of cinema. Officially licensed, 100% cotton and available in all sizes, this tee is the perfect way to show your love for the Matrix saga - a gift that we are sure would please any true fan.

Matrix (4K + Blu Ray)

Let's move on to perhaps everyone's already fundamental object: the film itself, available here in a special edition containing the combined high definition version to 4K UHD. The best way to enjoy the first film of the series, and to (re) discover where it all began without missing even the slightest fragment of the Wachowskis' film. Of note is the presence of some very interesting special contents, including the commentary of the directors and several exclusive clips.

The Matrix Trilogy

If the previous product is perfect to start discovering the Matrix universe, here is the complete package: a box set with the three films of the series in high definition, in a collection enriched also here with very special additional contents for true Matrix fans.

Matrix Collection with statuette

We conclude the Matrix Blu Ray series with this limited edition which includes, in addition to the film trilogy in high definition, an exclusive Neo figurine perfect for any collector worthy of the name. An object of exquisite workmanship, to be proudly displayed among the other Matrix-themed gadgets and above all not to be missed ... A real rarity, do not miss it!

Poster The Matrix

Let's move on to a real work of art: a street art style poster depicting Neo , Trinity and Morpheus perfect for any fan of the series. The particularity? It is a hand-made watercolor stencil, signed and numbered by the artist Moreno Mata, with a certificate of authenticity included. Measuring 23 × 32.5 cm, it is truly a precious object designed to give a personal touch to any room in the home of a Matrix fan.

Neo Matrix Costume

In view of Halloween, Carnival or any costume party, here is the product for you: Neo's costume complete with everything, with jacket (bust 88cm, length 128cm) and pants (waist circumference 66cm, length 98cm). Made of synthetic material and available at a very attractive price, it is the perfect clothing to relive all the sensations and moments of the Matrix trilogy.

Matrix Mouse Pad

For every self-respecting hacker, but also for simple Matrix enthusiasts, here is a perfect gadget to embellish the office, studio or any space where you work on your computer: a mouse pad measuring 35x26cm, made of neoprene with a rubber bottom for top grip on any surface.

The Matrix Glitch Mug

For any Matrix fan who wants to start right in the morning, here's a simple gadget but of sure impact: a mug depicting the glitch, with a capacity of 315ml and also perfect as a gift idea. It is in fact a mug shipped in a special cardboard box, the perfect packaging to protect it from shocks and, if necessary, also to wrap it. Not bad, right?

The Matrix Thermal Travel Mug

Always on the go? Here is the perfect product for you: a Matrix-themed thermal mug, made of stainless steel and designed to maintain the temperature (hot or cold) of any type of liquid. With a one-of-a-kind design combined with an easy-to-carry shape we can guarantee that yes, this is truly an exceptional product.

The Matrix Coaster Set

Don't know where to place your cups, glasses or anything else without leaving marks? This practical set of four Matrix-themed coasters is exactly what you are looking for, with an attractive double-sided design featuring the series logo on one side and the glitch on the other. A useful gadget and, among other things, also perfect for beautifying any room in your home.

The Matrix phone cover for iPhone and Android

To give your smartphone a personal touch, here is a Exclusive Matrix-themed cover: made with a matte design depicting logo and glitches, this phone cover is available for various Samsung smartphone models and all iPhones on the market. In short, if you are looking for the perfect one for you, you will certainly find it.

Funko Pop John Wick

We conclude with a gadget that goes slightly off topic but that, if like we appreciate not only the Matrix series but also the fantastic actor that is Keanu Reeves, we are sure you will like it for sure. Introducing John Wick's Funko Pop, made with official license and with the unmistakable Funko design capable of attracting millions and millions of fans around the world.

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