The robot made in Brianza designed for the heaviest jobs in the company

The robot made in Brianza designed for the heaviest jobs in the company

Robee was designed by Oversonic Robotics for industrial applications, but also in healthcare

An arm of RoBee (photo Oversonic Robotics) A humanoid robot 1.7 meters tall and 65-75 kilograms heavy, equipped with artificial intelligence which, according to the creators, will be able to demonstrate its usefulness in productive and social contexts by supporting man in heavy and repetitive jobs or in risky health conditions. Its name is RoBee and it is among the very first examples of made in Italy automatons of this kind, designed for industrial applications and produced by Oversonic Robotics.

After two years of work, the prototype was presented on Monday at the design museum of the Association for Industrial Design in Milan by the company from Besana Brianza (Monza), founded by Paolo Denti, managing director and Fabio Puglia , graduated in mathematics and physics with specialization in astrophysics at the State University of Milan.

The mechanical structure of RoBee reproduces the conformation of the human body, thanks to 40 movable joints and a set of sensors and cameras that allow RoBee to monitor the surrounding spaces, even crowded. Equipped with arms and gripping joints such as hands and grippers, the robot can work for eight hours, powered by its battery and guided by three on-board computers, and interacts with people via voice. A cloud ecosystem allows you to monitor the functions of the various components, optimizing maintenance in order to avoid sudden stops due to malfunctions. The artificial intelligence system allows you to activate different functions depending on the people you have to interact with.

After a period of testing with some partner companies, Oversonic Robotics will submit RoBee to the necessary certifications, then putting it on the market in 2022: 50 sales are expected for next year. The purchase cost will be 120 thousand euros with an annual management fee of 20 thousand, according to reports from Denti to Corriere della sera. The device can be made on a large scale and in different versions, also customized according to needs and, according to what the startup has declared, there are already pre-orders. In addition to the heavier tasks in industry, the robot is suitable for commercial, healthcare or hospitality functions.

In August, Oversonic Robotics, valued at 14 million euros, concluded an increase of capital with 33% entry into the company by the financial company Fintel (Bulgarelli family). The new strategic capitals will be used for the development of the 2021-26 industrial plan, which initially involves the transformation of the prototype into a marketable finished product.

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