Game studio in the test: It's rarely that creative on the Switch!

Game studio in the test: It's rarely that creative on the Switch!

Game studio in the test

No, to clear up any dreams: After "playing through" the game studio on Nintendo Switch, you will probably not immediately be recruited by a large studio to work on secret triple-A projects there. But the construction kit is always suitable as an introduction and springboard for interested gamers of all ages! Unlike Mario Maker, however, the focus is more on programming and learning than on playing, and you can only try it out after you've completed the first of the included lessons - this takes about an hour, depending on how much time you have let yourself. During your training you will create prototypes of different mini-games, you are not limited to the platformer genre.

Table of contents

1 First compulsory ... 2 ... then freestyle 3 Prove perseverance 01: 52

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First compulsory ...

Game studio in the test: It is seldom so creative on the Switch! (2) Source: PC Games Two key points, Bob and Alice, guide you through the compulsory course. They explain exactly and step by step what you have to do. While Bob is mainly at your side in creating the set games, you will meet Alice if you can prove that you have understood the previous lessons by solving a riddle. This ensures that by the end of the lesson you will know all the elements that you need to manipulate in order to get a working game on its feet.

... then freestyle

Testing the game studio: It's seldom so creative on the Switch! (3) Source: PC Games The editor is visually appealing and clear. All building blocks, whether input commands, characters or objects, appear in the building set as cute little figures with their own characters. Some of the so-called knotixes are brisk guys who determine whether a button is pressed. You decide which button to watch out for: A, B, R and so on. If the character should jump when the B-Button is pressed, then you have to assign the B-Button to the Knotix and then connect it to the character with a line, namely at the point "jump". The same applies to the control with the sticks, which again needs its own knotixes. Here it is to be determined: How high the figure jumps and how fast it falls cannot be further adjusted, that is already determined - an important difference to the "real" development of games, in which one also uses such parameters in an engine to determine how the feel of the game also changes. A Super Meat Boy, for example, feels significantly more weightless than Mario.

Prove your stamina

Test of the game studio: It's rarely that creative on the Switch! (5) Source: PC Games Spielestudio makes sure you understand everything. This is great for younger players, but with a bit of previous knowledge, the text-heavy lessons can take a long time. You are not allowed to jump to the puzzles, you use the free handicrafts most effectively when you have completed all the lessons. That slows down ambitious hobby programmers a little. On the other hand, it is awesome how visually appealing Nintendo has implemented the rather dry topic of coding. It doesn't work quite as intuitively as in Mario Maker, but you have the opportunity to explore other genres here.

Compared to the Dreams construction kit on the Playstation, the game studio (buy now € 29.99) is indeed more limited in its possibilities, but it does not overwhelm the player with manifold options either. A missed opportunity, however, is that you cannot search for creations of other programmers directly in the game and that there are no ready-made mini-games with which you can pass the time if you are not in the mood for learning or working. In other words: Game studio is definitely more educational software than video game.

My opinion

By Katharina Pache

Chief Editor

[email protected] Nothing for the impatient Hobbyist! I already liked the do-it-yourself principle at Warioware. Compared to the possibilities on the DS, there is more on offer in the game studio, but the price is the patience you have to have to work your way through all the lessons. You definitely have to feel like it, otherwise you can't do much with the program - free building is not activated at the beginning, there are no little games to play around and go on an uncomplicated journey of discovery to get inspiration from other tinkerers let is not possible. So if you want to have a little more game served with your editor, you would be better off with Mario Maker or on the competing console Playstation with Dreams. Nonetheless, I am very impressed with how understandable and appealing the construction kit was. To test for yourself whether you like the implementation, you can download the free demo in Nintendo's eShop. Spielestudio (NSW) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Pros & Cons wonderfully implemented, also understandable for laypeople Pleasant to use Different genres possible Sympathetic presentation Good division of the lessons Explanations sometimes lengthy No possibility of works in the game to look for other games Included games are more for demo purposes. 4f93-b203-7736cba69193 "," rgTable-1 "," table "," fallback ");});

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