The best virtual reality horror games

The best virtual reality horror games

Five video games for a thrilling immersive experience with VR viewers

Horror video games are among those that benefit most intensely from the immersion of virtual reality: you wear VR viewers and you are catapulted into the first person in disturbing scenarios, dark environments populated by sinister presences and a growing tension. Here are five titles to bet on.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

(Photo: Capcom) Let's start with a bang with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which marks the return to a much more horror atmosphere of the famous saga developed by Capcom. If the traditional console game in which you had to move between the dilapidated rooms of the creepy abandoned house in Louisiana was already causing a lot of anxiety, the first-person virtual reality experience reaches even higher. Between sudden reversals of roles, chainsaw fights and jump scare at will, it is a title not to be lost in VR. It can be played with Playstation Vr and is now on offer for around 20 euros.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

(Photo: VRWERX) The title Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul resumes what good had brought the first cinematic chapter of Paranormal Activity avoiding the redundancy and boredom of the following. In this game you are in a house in the middle of a forest trying to survive and figure out what the hell to do, having only a torch available to move in the disturbing and not at all empty persistent darkness. It can be played on a computer and is for 27.99 euros on Steam.


(Photo: Kinetic Games) Interesting idea behind Phasmophobia: you are one of the members of a group of ghost hunters who haunt various terrifying locations from homes to schools to prisons ; the aim of the game is not to defeat the entities, but to study them and collect information through a series of technological or empirical instruments. You can play it on your computer and you can buy it for 11.59 euros (with early access) on Steam.

Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

(Photo: Skydance Interactive) The zombies are a great horror classic and so how can we not mention The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners which catapults the player into the fight to the death to survive in a completely haunted New Orleans? It can be found for 39.99 euros on the Playstation Store for PsVr or on the Oculus Store for Facebook branded viewers.

Exorcist: Legion

(Photo: Wolf & Wood Interactive Limited) Five episodes to be purchased individually or together to immerse yourself in the role of an exorcist engaged in confrontation with demonic entities. The growing tension during the investigation is excellent, as well as well-designed scenarios that can be explored. It is priced at 29.99 euros on the Playstation Store or 24.99 euros on the Oculus Store.

Alien: Isolation which incorporates an atmosphere worthy of the films, Face your fears II which may not be graphically deserve a mention. excelled, but it is very intense and The Inpatient, where tension and terror are created by the atmosphere rather than by monsters and sudden fright.

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