New World: Update 1.04 available, here are the details

New World: Update 1.04 available, here are the details

New World

New World is updated thanks to the new Update 1.04 published by Amazon Games a few hours ago. The patch is primarily for troubleshooting and making some changes. Here are the details and the official notes.

As reported on the official website, Update 1.04 of New World focuses mainly on correcting problems that have affected players in the last few weeks, especially regarding impact wars. Among the fixes in evidence is the one related to the War exploit of the effect of the magic AoE, which prevented players from correctly increasing the maximum level of faction tokens and caused problems that made some players invulnerable.

In addition, starting from 23:00 today, the transfer between character servers, which had been blocked in recent days, will be available again. While from 04:00 tomorrow, October 29, the Charge mode at the Outpost will be active again.

New World, official artwork Below, the official notes of the New World 1.04 patch:

General changes

Removed the Eternal Calata starting beach to transfer new players to the 3 locations to increase the likelihood that new players and friends can start playing together. The first home discount decreases the purchase price, but does not reduce taxes. However, the UI suggested to the players that their taxes would be reduced and it was only after they bought the house and had to pay the taxes that they found that they would have to pay the total price. We will compensate any player who bought a house before the UI fix resolved with 2000 coins. Slightly improved performance in the Wars. Slightly improved Staff of Life performance with changes to the Restoration Touch and Blissful Touch passive abilities. In Update 1.0.3 we fixed a bug that caused companies to lose revenue from owning multiple territories or from failed declarations of war. With this update, we are reimbursing lost coin income. The Company's cash will be reimbursed for all lost money income resulting from the problem. The reimbursed entry will not exceed the cash coins. If a Fellowship has been completely abandoned, the lost coins will not be received.

We have increased the maximum faction token limit by 50% for each faction level. We have made this change so that players can earn extra tokens even if they have reached the maximum reputation limit in the faction and want to save as they work to advance to the next faction rank. Here are the new values:

Level 1: 5,000 tokens, increased to 7,500 Level 2: 10,000 tokens, increased to 15,000 Level 3: 15,000 tokens, increased to 22,500 Level 4: 25,000 tokens, increased to 37,500 Level 5: 50,000 tokens, increased to 75,000

General bug fixes

Fixed an issue where the maximum faction token limits did not increase after players had completed rank-up missions for their faction. Fixed a rare issue where the time zone would go forward or backward, which would subsequently produce a number of issues around the world. Fixed an issue where players would lose the houses they own in the Saber Cliffs. Fixed several rare server crash issues. Fixed an issue with the suspension / ban notification showing incorrect times. Fixed an issue where players could use their World Transfer Token while they still had Emporium Contracts, causing additional issues when fixed. Fixed an issue that caused some AI not to spawn in the world as intended. Fixed an issue where Mrykgard's corrupted portals in Shattered Mount would deploy higher tier gear than intended, and regenerate faster than intended. Fixed an issue where enemies in Myrkgard's Corrupted Portal events would lose loot. Fixed an issue that resulted in unwanted animation when interacting with the bubbling cauldron that contained the item, and an issue where the shuffle item did not appear in the player's hand while interacting. Fixed an issue with Star Metal and Orichalcus ore veins where large ore veins rewarded small amounts of ore and small ore veins rewarded large amounts of ore. Fixed an issue where the War lottery timer would not stop properly during War's closing period. Fixed the representation distance of the Halloween pumpkin lights. Fixed an issue where the GM chat tag was showing non-GM players. Fixed an issue where the armor texture was flickering. Fixed an issue in the Starstone Mounds Expedition where Arcane protection did not protect players from certain lasers. Fixed an issue where certain enemies in Amrine's Digs were invulnerable. Fixed an issue where the Pillar of Ice could remain stationary for an indefinite cooldown. Fixed an issue where players could get rings that had two perks by sharing the perk tag and were not supposed to exist in the ring. Fixed an issue where projectile vision was missing from Ice Gloves and Ice Pillar attacks. Fixed an issue where players could not complete a series of in-game actions after taking a quick trip.

Speculative changes

The changes listed below are test fixes and mitigations. Our goal is to make these changes and see if these issues persist so we can continue to work on them and focus on a future update if needed.

Fixed a War exploit where players could use the game area effect magic effects (AoE) to conquer collection points without taking damage. This should have been improved by the War and Bastion of Life performance updates, but we will continue to monitor to see if the issues persist. We've fixed several known causes for which players are invulnerable. This issue is a top priority for our team, and we continue to look for fixes for additional causes of problems. We have speculatively corrected the issue where players could get stuck after leaving the Outpost Charge. This was a rare problem and our theme was unable to reproduce it. We will continue to monitor throughout the launch.

The New World in-house shop recently updated with new Halloween themed costumes, weapon skins, masks and more.

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