This M.2 SSD heatsink will make you forget about temperature problems

This M.2 SSD heatsink will make you forget about temperature problems

Worried about your M.2 SSD getting too hot? Well, RaidSonic (as reported by momomo_us) has launched its Icy Box IB-M2HSF-705, a new cooler designed to keep even the best SSDs in check.

The IB-M2HSF-705 is RaidSonic's second M.2 SSD heatsink under the Icy Box brand. Like its predecessor, the IB-M2HSF-705 is designed for M.2 SSDs with a length of 80mm. The device has a cooling capacity of 23W, which is too much for most M.2 SSDs. According to the manufacturer, the IB-M2HSF-705 can reduce unit temperatures by up to 40% compared to passive M.2 heatsinks. It is only 10% less than the IB-M2HSF-702.

Photo Credit: Icy Box With the dimensions of 75x30x50mm, the IB-M2HSF-705 is composed of an aluminum heat sink consisting of 22 cooling fins with a thickness of 0.5mm with air spaces of 2mm between them. Unlike the previous IB-M2HSF-702 with two 4mm copper heatpipes, the IB-M2HSF-705 is based on a single 6mm copper heatpipe. This design allows the IB-M2HSF-705 to find the best location for the cooler and avoid taking up space for graphics cards inside compact cases. The copper heatpipe comes into direct contact with the M.2 SSD, so there should be excellent heat dissipation. To further improve the cooling capacity, the Icy Box includes a thermal pad with a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W / mK and can withstand operating temperatures ranging from -20 to 180 degrees Celsius.

Photo Credit: Icy Box A 30mm cooling fan dissipates the heat from the IB-M2HSF-705 heatsink. The fan features PWM support, so you'll need to make sure your motherboard has a 4-pin connector near the M.2 slot, can reach 8,500 rpm and deliver up to 4.87m³ / h airflow (2.87 CFM). Unfortunately, the Icy Box hasn't divulged air pressure, which is quite an important value when it comes to heatsinks.

The L-M2HSF-702 retails for $ 29.99, hence the IB-M2HSF -705 should be priced similar, if not lower.

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