PlayStation Store: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Project Zero

PlayStation Store: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Project Zero

PlayStation Store

The new update of the PlayStation Store sees the arrival of two adventures at the antipodes: on the one hand the latest tie-in produced by Square Enix, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, with its wonderful colors and its gags among the members of the team of galactic heroes; on the other, the obscure Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, a remaster of the survival horror released on Wii U in 2015, created for the twentieth anniversary of the series.

The releases of the week also include the multiplayer-based arcade sports Riders Republic, the spectacular next-gen edition of the excellent first-person action Ghostrunner, the original role-playing game Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars and then Pumpkin Jack and Iron Harvest: Complete Edition, both in PS5 versions. br>

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, the complete team After the controversial Marvel's Avengers (review here), Square Enix has entrusted Eidos Montreal with the construction of its new tie-in, based in this case on the most unlikely team of galactic heroes ever seen. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5 and PS4</a>, € 69.99) is exactly that: a primarily narrative adventure, which conquers by reproducing the dynamics that made Star-Lord and his companions famous on the big screen.

Of course the characters are not the same as those in the films directed by James Gunn, but rather propose a middle ground between their cinematic adaptation and Marvel comics; in particular Gamora, temperamentally and visually very different from the version played by Zoe Saldana but no less interesting and lethal. In all cases, the excellent dubbing in Italian helps to make the game's light-hearted atmosphere better.

Captured by the Nova Corps after an unsuccessful expedition, the Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves having to pay a very hefty fine and for this they try to scam the monster collector Lady Hellbender. However, when they return to settle the bill, they discover that something serious has happened and they find themselves facing a dark and mysterious force, which could wreak havoc on the entire universe.

As we wrote in Marvel's review Guardians of the Galaxy, the mix developed by Eidos Montreal works very well, albeit without a somewhat limited gameplay, in which it is possible to control only the Star-Lord and give orders to the other Guardians during the fights or phases exploratory. There is also no shortage of glitches and technical problems which, however, will be resolved with the updates.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, the protagonist Yuri To celebrate the winds years of Fatal Frame, Koei Tecmo has seen fit to revive the last episode of the series with a remaster. So here is the return of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water (PS5 and PS4, € 39.99), survival horror originally published in 2015 on Wii U, revisited from a technical point of view to shoot up to 4K and 60 fps on PS5, with polygonal models and improved effects.

The story of the game tells of a cursed place, Mount Hikami, which as the sun goes down is invaded by the ghosts of the many people who have died there. Yuri Kozukata, the protagonist of the adventure but not the only character we can control during the campaign, decides to visit the mountain in search of some missing girls who might be right there, perhaps trapped.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, the Camera Obscura in action against two ghosts However, things soon turn out to be more complicated, the scenario is pervaded by an evil force that controls the spirits and sends them against us. The only way to defend ourselves is to use the Camera Obscura, an old camera with the ability to perceive and photograph ghosts, stealing a little energy from them with each shot until they dissolve.

Although gifted still today of a great atmosphere, the title directed by Makoto Shibata arrives on Sony platforms with only a partial graphic remastering, but above all it suffers from the same problems as the original version, specifically very cumbersome controls and few locations that can be visited, which gives life to a excessive backtracking. We talked about it in the Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water review.

Riders Republic

Riders Republic, gamers grappling with a beautiful landscape Ubisoft's arcade sportsman aims to engage us with activities multiplayer-based in which up to fifty players can participate, thanks to a large and multifaceted social structure, with competitive team modes and spectacular mass challenges in the context of activities that include bikes, snowboards and wingsuits: Riders Republic (PS5 and PS4, € 69.99) is this and much more.

The setting of the game is a synthesis that brings together the most evocative elements of the major American parks, from Yosemite to Bryce Canyon, from Grand Teton to Canyonlands, alternating six different biomes and giving us breathtaking landscapes as we travel through them at full speed. In terms of gameplay, the immediate and accessible approach does not give up the most interesting physical implications, as we wrote in the Riders Republic test.


Ghostrunner, the protagonist of the game is approaching quickly to a new target Exactly one year after its release on PS4, Ghostrunner (PS5, € 29.99) is also making its debut on PlayStation 5 with a version capable of making the most of the capabilities of the new Sony console. Specifically, the title of One More Level offers two graphics modes: one at real 4K and 60 fps with a lot of ray tracing, one at 1440p and 120 fps for an absolute fluidity and precision of the controls.

Appearances that make the adventure even more engaging and spectacular, while the cyberninja we control overcomes the opponents and the pitfalls of the Dharma Tower, the gigantic tower inside which the last survivors of the human race have taken refuge, in a layered system that explodes social inequalities in all their ruthlessness. The details in Ghostrunner's review.

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, the original scenario building using cards From the brilliant game director Yoko Taro, father of the NieR series, arrives on PlayStation Store the new, original role-playing game based on Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars (PS4, € 29.99). Catapulted into a decidedly disturbing fantasy world, we will have to guide the young Marren and his fellow adventurers through the difficult mission of finding an ancient dragon. However, things will not go as we would have imagined ...

We talked about RPG and not card battler, and in fact the role of the cards in Voice of Cards is at least peculiar: they represent the scenic elements of the locations but also the objects and abilities that we will be able to use within the fights, regulated by a turn-based system as well as exploration. Too complicated? We explain how it works in the review of Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars.

The other games

Pumpkin Jack, here is the disturbing protagonist of the game Available on PS4 since last February, Pumpkin Jack (PS5, € 29.99) returns with a next-gen edition capable of emphasizing the spectacularity of a perfect Halloween adventure, in which we control Jack, the Lord of the Pumpkins, as part of a mission that will see him explore eerie scenarios and battle hordes of dark creatures. The Pumpkin Jack review.

Iron Harvest: Complete Edition (PS5, € 49.99) is instead the definitive edition of the real-time strategy developed by King Art Games, which projects us into an alternative 1920 in which huge mechs are found underground, just before the start of a new, bloody war for the fate of humanity. An extremely fascinating setting, further enriched in this version of the game. The Iron Harvest review.

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