Here comes Nilox M1, the new scooter with arrows

Here comes Nilox M1, the new scooter with arrows

Here comes Nilox M1

After having told you about the 8 new eBike models presented yesterday, today we will tell you about the new electric scooter presented by Nilox: it is called M1, and has been designed by integrating the best technologies available on the market, in order to improve driving comfort and safety. while on the move.

The new Nilox M1 is among the first electric scooters in Italy to be equipped with direction indicators in the rear; It may seem like a small thing, but Nilox's integrated LED indicators on the new M1 will undoubtedly do a valuable job in the chaotic traffic of big cities where scooters are mainly used. To further improve safety while driving, Nilox has chosen to install fluorescent grips on the handlebar of the M1, so that it can be more visible at night.

The handlebar, in addition to the new grips, has been completely renewed with an attractive design that integrates even better the display that provides the most important technical information; on the new model, the display will also be able to communicate any technical problems with the scooter to the driver, so that assistance can be contacted already knowing what the problem is, significantly reducing intervention times.

Features prominent of the new Nilox M1 we also find the Cruise Control, a function that allows you to set a preferred cruising speed and keep it until the brake is touched, and the integration of a new NFC key that can be replicated on smartphones: in essence, after the ignition of the scooter, it will still need to be unlocked by passing this key to the on / off button.

The new Nilox M1 is powered by a 350W motor and is able to ensure about 25 km of autonomy; the release on the market is expected in November, in Matte Black + Flash Lime color, while a Dark Gray + Petrol Blue version is subsequently planned. The introductory price is € 399.95.

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