Shark Spartan RS is the first helmet with ECE 22-06 homologation

Shark Spartan RS is the first helmet with ECE 22-06 homologation

From January 1, 2021, the new ECE 22-06 homologation dedicated to motorcycle helmets came into effect, in all the countries that have decided to sign it, including Italy. After more than 20 years under the ECE 22-05 homologation, finally the homologation process has been revised and made more accurate, in order to have on the market more and more safe and performing helmets when it really matters.

The The main difference between the two homologations lies in the amount of impact points that are taken into consideration during the so-called anvil test: during this test, an anvil is dropped onto the helmet from a predetermined height, so as to be able to study the resistance to bumps. In the case of the ECE 22-05 homologation, the contact points provided were 5, while with the ECE 22-06 it goes to 9 or in some cases to 11, depending on the type of helmet, plus an additional sample point that it can be different for each helmet model.

This is a really important news for the world of road motorcycling, and even if the manufacturers will be able to continue selling ECE 22-05 homologated helmets for another 3 years, there are already those who have moved forward by presenting the first helmet 100% compatible with the new homologation process: we are talking about Shark, the French company that has been producing high quality helmets since 1989, which a couple of days ago presented the new ECE 22-06 approved Shark Spartan RS helmet.

Among the prominent features of the new Spartan RS, expected on the market in 2022, there is undoubtedly the ultra-resistant VZ 300 visor which can boast a 4-point locking system, and EPS - expanded polystyrene - a multiden sity, so as to absorb the impacts in the event of an accident in the best possible way.

Shark Spartan RS will be released on the market at a price of € 355.99 and will be offered with caps of 2 sizes declined in sizes ranging from XS to XXL; a cheap choice in this case, it would have been more interesting to see at least 3 caps of different sizes.

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