Panini DC Italia: the news coming in 2022

Panini DC Italia: the news coming in 2022

Panini DC Italia

On the occasion of the conference dedicated to upcoming editorial news, Panini DC Italia has raised the curtain on some of the most important volumes arriving during the first months of next year (to which others will be added soon). The 2022 editorial plan promises to be particularly rich, thanks to the presence of announcements of a certain thickness.

A little further down, the list of all the announcements revealed during the live streaming of Panini Comics:

Justice League

Batman Fear State 1 - March 2022

Superman Son of Kal-El 1 - March 2022

Infinite Frontier 1/6 (plus number 0 special) - March 2022

Neil Gaiman

Sandman Universe: The Dreaming Waking Hours 1 of 2 - From March 2022

Stardust - 2022

The Books of Magic - May 2022

Lucifer - April 2022

Black Label

Joker - The Killing Smile - April 2022

The Three Jokers - April 2022

Wonder Woman Dead Earth - April 2022

The Nice House on the Lake - May 2022

DC Collection

Batman - The Detective 1/6 - April 2022

Batman B&W - March-April 2022

Superman Red & Blue - March-April 2022

Wonder Woman Black & Gold - March-April 2022

Volumes and special series

Legends of the Dark Knight 1 - April 2022

The Swamp Thing 1 - First half 2022

The Next Batman - Second Son - March 2022

I Am Batman 1 - June 2022

Milestone Returns - From May 2022

Maxi / DC Deluxe / Omnibus format

Batman Urban Legends 1 - February 2022

Batman War Games - First Half 2022

Batman - The Man Who Smiles - June 2022

Batman The Long Halloween Special - February 2022

Batman The Dark Knight Detective 1 - From March 2022

Batman 1989 The Movie Adaptation - March 2022

Batman Death in the Family - February 2022

Batman: What happened to the Caped Crusader? - March 2022

Batman Child of Dreams - First half 2022

Black and White Batman - First half 2022

Supergirl - April 2022

Justice League International - May 2022

OMAC - June 2022

100 Bullets - March 2022

Justice League of America - April 2022

Injustice - April 2022

The Filth - February 2022

Superman by Grant Morrison - 2022

News is being updated

Chevy Chase Is Getting a Roman-Style Standing Bar for Coffee, Gelato, and Digestifs

The owners of I’m Eddie Cano, the mod Italian-American restaurant that’s become a neighborhood favorite over the past three years in Chevy Chase, are close to opening a seat-free, European-style bar next-door where customers can down a quick digestif and talk soccer.

The new place, simply named Italian Bar, models itself after Roman businesses where people congregate to chat over quick morning cappuccinos, light pastries, gelato, Italian snacks, and day-time drinks. The plan is to open Wednesday, December 1, pending permit approvals, at 5008 Connecticut Avenue NW. Hours will run from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily — and possibly as late as 10 p.m. Co-owner Carolyn Papetti says alcohol typically shows up in a caffè corretto (spiked espresso), a small beer, or glasses of local wine. “It’s a very social affair where you meet your neighbors, colleagues and friends.” says Papetti, a certified sommelier who runs I’m Eddie Cano with her husband, Massimo, a veteran of Assaggi Osteria and Cafe Milano.

The slim setup will sport a small patio out front where customers can linger over half-bottles of wine before or after dinner at I’m Eddie Cano. That restaurant has established a following with heaping plates of fried zucchini strings, affordable cacio e pepe, and steaks alla Fiorentina served in a chic, throwback setting surrounded by images of Vespas and Italian film stars like Sophia Loren.

The new storefront will feature a walk-up window to grab a gelato or a frullato (fruit smoothie) right from the street. A pricey Carpigiani gelato machine will operate year-round, stocking two colorful cases with 12 flavors in the winter and 18 in the summer. The quick-serve indoor component will send out panini and tramezzini (finger sandwiches) to go along with just two types of beers, wines, and cocktails on tap.

Papetti says the typical turnaround at an “andiamo a prendere un caffe’” in Rome is 10 to 15 minutes. “Besides, everyone needs to get back to work anyway. At the bar, you might talk politics, but you’ll surely talk soccer,” she says.

Espresso drinks will rely on Lavazza beans. American coffee and cold brew will also be served.

“We get enviable morning sun, so it’ll be a great spot to meet up with friends for coffee in the morning all year long,” Papetti says.

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