Nintendo Switch Online + doesn't like players who protest creatively

Nintendo Switch Online + doesn't like players who protest creatively

The launch of Nintendo Switch Online +, announced during one of the last Direct of the Japanese house, was certainly not appreciated by the players. Who have decided to "protest" in a creative and also quite used way when a software house, a publisher or a very solid reality of this industry announces or reveals products that are not really good for players. The protest is obviously virtual and refers, as you may have guessed, is based on YouTube videos.

It is not the first time it has happened (and it will not be the last, most likely) but the case involving the Kyoto company is decidedly curious. Because yes, the trailer for the new Nintendo Switch Online + is currently the video with the most dislike ever, or the Dislikes. It wouldn't be news to report, were it not that players have never liked a certain Metroid spin-off, which before today was the video with the most dislike.

The numbers are definitely bad for a reality like the Japanese one. The video trailer of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, launched during E3 2015 was in fact one of the videos with the most dislike on YouTube, about 96,000 dislikes in total: a figure, however, accumulated over the years, well six considering how long ago dates the reveal of the spin-off. The Nintendo Switch Online + trailer, however, manages to do even better and exceeds the 100,000 Dislikes in an Italian night, thus establishing itself as the most “hated” video by players.

There are several reasons why the Nintendo Switch Online + has been received so coldly. The first could certainly be the price, considering that the subscription (which includes new retro games, including those for Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive) costs much more than the basic one. The hope is that over time the Kyoto company will be able to change its identity to the service, trying to regain the trust of users.

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