Panini Comics Italia, all the news for 2022

Panini Comics Italia, all the news for 2022

Panini Comics Italia

Today, 30 October, during Lucca Comics & Games 2021, Panini Comics Italia will present, starting from 1.30 pm, live on its Facebook, Twitch and Youtube channels, the new announcements regarding the upcoming releases for 2022. Italia Cultura Pop will follow the event live, reporting all the news announced during the conference, so that we can provide you with a complete recap of the entire event.

During the live streaming the following were announced:

Spawn, relaunch with Spawn Universe - February 2022

Redemption, post apocalyptic western - February 2022

The Department of Truth, series based on conspiracy - February 2022

Geiger, struggle for survival in a post-nuclear world - May 2022

The Scumbag, adventures of a toxic anti-hero who acquires superpowers - February 2022

Red Fork, a comic that winks at Stranger Things and at thematich and related to drug use - February 2022

Laila Starr, story of a girl struggling with her repeated death and divine influence.

Enigma, definitive re-edition of a classic of the 90s.

Proctor Valley Road, a sort of teen horror set in the 70s.

Our Encounters with Evil, horror by Mike Mignola - April 2022

New volume of The Mouse Guard

Did You hear what Eddie Gein done? graphic novel thriller about a serial killer of the 40s

Lady Killer, deluxe edition

BRZRKR, story of a berserker warrior born from an idea of ​​Keanu Reeves

Loon, new dark / comic fantasy subject conceived and created by Giulia Zucca - one volume in April and one in late 2022

Assassin's Creed, first novel on the well-known videogame franchise - November 2022

Horizon Zero Dawn, comic and artbook - January 2022

Life is Strange, comic books

Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters, series in 34 chapters - March 2022

Star Wars The Monster of Temple Peak, graphic novel of the High Republic series - July 2022

Star Wars Darth Vader in Omnibus format

Star Wars Doctor Aphra in Omnibus format - October 2022

Star Wars Out of Shadows, High Republic novel - February 2022

Star Wars The Fallen Star, High Republic novel - May 2022

Star Wars Mission to Disaster, High Republic novel - June 2022

Star Wars Thrawn and Thrawn Alliances, novel reprints - April 2022

Star Wars Thrawn Ascendancy, novel - March 2022

Star Wars From a certain point of view the Empire Strikes Again collection of stories and short stories - May 2022

Noir Burlesque, noir set in the 1950s with a cinematic cut - April 2022

The Scorpion, two deluxe volumes

The Terrible Pope

The Extraordinary Journey sag a steampunk in three volumes

Totò Don Quixote, by Fabio Celoni

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The typical commedia dell’arte storyline is one of the oldest in the books — two young lovers try to marry despite their fathers’ objections. What makes the 16th-century comedic theater form different is improvisation — and leather masks.

“Every play has common themes dealing with universal human needs — love, hunger, sex, money,” Dan Zellner, a multimedia services specialist at University Library, says of the Renaissance Italy–born theater style. “And all of the plays have the same characters, more or less.”

The masks represent stock characters — such as the long-winded, know-it-all professor (Dottore) and the greedy, lecherous old man (Pantalone) — who interact with the unmasked young lovers in a loosely outlined story. The improvised performances always result in a happy ending — everything returns to normal.

Commedia dell’arte also incorporates strenuous physical arts to explore love, lust and the struggle of youth against old age, says Thomas Simpson, a professor in the French and Italian department.

Zellner, who occasionally teaches a commedia class with Simpson, oversaw the creation of an online exhibit of five masks from acclaimed contemporary commedia maestro Antonio Fava. In 2008 the University purchased the five masks through a grant from the estate of Dorothy Jean Adams (WCAS60), which specified that the funds be used for digital media, preservation and the acquisition of materials relating to theatrical costuming. Housed at the Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections, the Fava masks are available for research and performance, and the online exhibit features 3D models.

“The masks found a really good home at Northwestern,” says Zellner, who was an adviser for the student commedia dell’arte group, the Panini Players. In 2007 Northwestern University Press published Fava’s book, The Comic Mask in the Commedia dell’Arte: Actor Training, Improvisation and the Poetics of Survival. Simpson translated the book into English.

The Panini Players, which received Associated Student Government recognition for the first time last spring, are keeping the commedia dell’arte theater style vibrant. The troupe’s artistic director, junior performance studies and biology major Alec Bronder, says the troupe hopes “to keep commedia alive in 2014 just as it was in 1614. I’m glad that we are able to perform it on campus just like new, warts and all.”

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