The program for Sunday 31 October at Lucca Comics & Games 2021

The program for Sunday 31 October at Lucca Comics & Games 2021

The program for Sunday 31 October at Lucca Comics &

The 2021 edition of Lucca Comics & Games 2021 has begun and finally, we add, framed by the beautiful presence of the host city after the pandemic disaster of the last period.

The program for Sunday 31 October at Lucca Comics & Games 2021

Following yesterday's events, Saturday 30 October (we invite you to click here to retrieve everything with our coverage), a new Sun has risen in Lucca. Let's find out together, therefore, what awaits us today, Sunday 31 October!

Today the first hours of the festival are dedicated to Tuono Day for an experience full of events under the banner of Andrea Paggiaro, aka Tuono Pettinato, one of the most brilliant and beloved authors of his generation recently passed away.

It starts at 11.00 at the Cinema Astra with the preview of Tuono, a documentary dedicated to the life and works of the artist: a portrait deep and fun at the same time, embellished with contributions from friends and colleagues of Tono Pettinato. The film was born from the collaboration between Lucca Comics & Games, Fish-Eye Digital Video Creation and Rai (produced by Fish-Eye Digital Video Creation, directed by Dario Marani and written by Dario Marani, Clarissa Montilla, Alessio Guerrini).

Special will be the meeting entitled The cartoonist who made air guitar (6.30 pm, Auditorium del Suffragio) in which various personalities of Italian culture, united by the passion for Andrea Paggiaro, will discuss the different aspects of the work of the eclectic cartoonist. Guests of the panel will be: Valerio Lundini, comedian, author and host, Silvia Bencivelli, journalist and popularizer, the writer Marta Barone, the directors Marco and Antonio Manetti in streaming and the musician Simone Lucciola, moderated by the journalist Luca Valtorta.

On the evening of Sunday 31st the second appointment with the Graphic Novel Theater is staged with the show Corpicino (at 9.30 pm, Teatro del Giglio), taken from the opera by Tuono Pettinato: a project curated by Lucca Comics & Games, directed by Francesca Caprioli and curated by Cristina Poccardi.

We invite you to find one of his works, Chatwin, from the late Italian author here on Amazon. Instead, we leave here an overview of the writings if you are interested.

Finally, we invite you to retrieve our article to discover all the appointments with Pop Culture at Lucca Comics & Games 2021.

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