The exhibitions of Lucca Comics and Games 2021

The exhibitions of Lucca Comics and Games 2021

The exhibitions of Lucca Comics and Games 2021, organized in a renewed exhibition itinerary, offer an unprecedented look at the infinite creativity of the worlds that make up pop culture.

From the masters of international comics to the great sagas of the fantastic , from illustration for children to studios for games and animations, up to modeling and photography, let's see in detail what are the exhibitions of Lucca Comics and Games 2021.

The exhibitions of Lucca Comics and Games 2021

The exhibitions hosted in the Doge's Palace (Piazza Napoleone) are already open and are accessible with free admission from 9 to 28 October (upon presentation of the Green Pass as per national legislation) and access permitted only to ticket holders admission on the days of the festival, from 29 October to 1 November.

Comics In Museums - Self-portraits of the Uffizi

The exhibition, curated by Mattia Morandi and Chiara Palmieri, is dedicated to Tuono Pettinato, recently deceased cartoonist and author for Comics in the museums of the register set at the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence. It is the first of the initiatives envisaged by the memorandum of understanding signed by the Uffizi Galleries and Lucca Crea to encourage the development and promotion of comics in Italy and abroad and is the result of the prestigious collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. 52 self-portraits of as many Italian cartoonists are exhibited, generously donated by the artists who participated in Comics in the Museums, the project conceived by the Ministry of Culture and created in collaboration with the Coconino Press - Fandango publishing house. After the end of the event, the works on display will enrich the collection of the Uffizi Galleries.

Will Eisner - The Giant

One of the greatest comic book authors of all time: he is the father of the modern graphic novel, which brought the medium to a definitive maturity. Starting from the seminal "Contract with God" (1978), Will Eisner (1917-2005) who already came from an extraordinary career in entertainment comics (in particular with his humorous detective "The Spirit"), becomes the interpreter of a ' an authorial need that is both artistic and commercial positioning, that of a comic that presents itself as a “book”, a closed and autonomous work, free to explore even difficult themes. The "Contract" is followed by other extraordinary titles, such as "Towards the storm" or "Fagin the Jew". The exhibition of the master's original drawings, created in collaboration with CArt Gallery, will be enriched by unpublished materials and essays selected together with Denis Kitchen, friend and editor of Eisner.

The thousand faces of Giacomo Bevilacqua

One of the comics phenomena that emerged from the infinite vastness of the Internet, Giacomo Bevilacqua becomes popular with the poetic humor strip "A Panda Likes". Later he dedicated himself to increasingly ambitious projects, such as the graphic novel "The sound of the world by heart" and the miniseries for Sergio Bonelli Editore "Attica", created in a style halfway between Italian and Japanese comics and winner of the award. as Best Series at the Lucca Comics Awards 2020.

Radice & Turconi: stories from the house without a North

Couple in work and in life, Teresa Radice (texts) and Stefano Turconi (drawings) leave from the sunshine of the Disney world and lead to novels of great emotional involvement such as "The Forbidden Harbor" and "Don't get tired of going". If "Il porto prohibited" earned both of them the Gran Guinigi award for Best Graphic Novel in 2015, in 2020 Teresa was awarded the Best Screenplay in the Lucca Comics Awards 2020 for the ideal sequel to that book, "The girls of the Pillar ".

Official poster of the festival

An exhibition is dedicated to the making off of the official poster of the festival, which traces the creative process that took place between the artist Paolo Barbieri, the director Emanuele Vietina and the art director of the festival Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. Barbieri, former author of Dante's Inferno illustrated, published with Mondadori and then in a new edition by Sergio Bonelli Editore, is among the selected for the Dante hypermodern exhibition, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and curated by Prof. Giorgio Bacci. The slogan of the Lucca Comics & Games 2021 festival, "... to see the stars again" - immortal verse from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy (XXXIV Canto dell’Inferno), ideally symbolizes the passage from a dark moment to light. An event dedicated to transitions, "lighter", different but equally rich in cultural proposals.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni of the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation (piazzaza San Martino) which, on the occasion of the festival, turns into the Palazzo of the Illustration.

Pau - art rock couture volume 1

Paolo Bruni, aka Pau, frontman of the Italian rock band Negrita, exhibits his original paintings. During the pandemic Pau returned to his origins as a visual artist, developing an extraordinary artistic dialogue with the author Simone Bianchi, former interpreter of the Marvel and DC universes. In addition to holding his beloved guitar, in the last year and a half Pau has returned to holding pencil and brushes - abandoned after his artistic diploma and architectural studies - to create powerful paintings and drawings made with the most different techniques: from 'acrylic ink, from linocut to graffiti, from watercolor to digital art.

Absolutely necessary comics: the window on the world of Walter Leoni

Winner of the newborn "Changes Prize", supported by the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation, for the Best Newcomer at the Lucca Comics Awards in 2020, Walter Leoni is an author born and professionally raised on the pages of social networks. Made on the wave of his successful career as a cartoonist, he gave life to "SS Tata", his first book, a hilarious satire in which an old Nazi scientist, constantly looking for new methods to clone Hitler, has to face a task which undermines her convictions: that is, taking care of her adorable “coffee-colored” niece. On display there will be some tables of his book, as well as some cartoons of costume satire and humorous strips published in the periodical Linus, born during the "lock down". In the latter, Leoni strikes with his sharp humor some of the protagonists of popular culture, including the historian Alessandro Barbero, represented in some strips in the "daily effort to explain history" to the average Italian. Not even Walter Leoni himself escapes his own ironic gaze, so much so that on display you will be able to see some tables inspired by moments of life, with the effort of coordinating the creative work, the attention needs of a small child and those of a companion too. it in "smart working". Enclosed in the space of their home in the crucial moments of the pandemic, between games with the little one, disputes over who has to take out the garbage and the protagonist's work needs, the result is funny cartoons where everyone can easily recognize some aspect of their daily life in a period of pandemic.

"Livio Sossi" editorial illustration award

The exhibition brings together the tables selected by the jury of the Lucca Junior Competition, one of the main talent scouting prizes of the organized festival in partnership with Kite Edizioni and Book on a Tree and dedicated to the memory of Prof. Livio Sossi, one of the leading experts in illustration and literature for children. The participants, over 160, from all over Italy, ventured into the realization of an illustrated project starting from the unpublished story "The knights of good manners" written by Pierdomenico Baccalario and among these the jury, chaired by Paolo d'Altan, identified the more interesting tables, put on display. The winning work, by Emanuele Benetti, has become an illustrated book published by Kite Edizioni on the occasion of this edition of Lucca Comics & Games 2021.

20 years of CMON

From 29 October, at the Chiesa dei Servi (Piazza dei Servi) to celebrate 20 years of activity CMON, a leading company in the world of board games, offers a guided tour through the games and miniatures created so far, enhancing their artistic side. The classic piece takes its cue from an original artwork, it becomes a sculpture which is then traditionally painted by hand. On display there will be all the stages: from artwork to sculpture, from printing for production to the painted piece. Two paint in progress experiences, some subjects created for the occasion, single pieces, dioramas and significant dinners will populate the exhibition path. The painting process will be shown through photo and video step by step.

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