Sergio Bonelli Editore releases from 9 to 15 August 2021

Sergio Bonelli Editore releases from 9 to 15 August 2021

Through the publisher's official website, the Sergio Bonelli Editore issues from 9 to 15 August 2021 were disseminated. Worth noting I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone 3 - Buio, Dylan Dog Oldboy 8 and Le Storie 106 - Il Ribelle.

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The releases Sergio Bonelli Editore from 9 to 15 August 2021

10 August

Dragonero Il Ribelle 22 - The Returning

by Enoch Luca, Pagliarani Gianluca, Morrone Manolo

16 × 21, 96 pages, paperback, b / w

Ian and Gmor are on a mission to obtain support for the rebellion from a powerful baron. Ian's ace in the hole is an old acquaintance of him: the commander of the city militia; but there is a problem: the presence of a large group of Bestiarii, who have become relentless bounty hunters. The situation, already complex, risks precipitating when a further disturbing element enters the field: a returning girl who has only one purpose: to take revenge. Will Ian and Gmor be able to handle the situation without making their delicate mission fail?

August 11

The Bastards of Pizzofalcone 3 - Dark

by De Giovanni Maurizio, Falco Claudio, Terracciano Paolo, Fiengo Fabiana and Imparato Chiara

16 × 21, 144 pages, hardcover, color

The kidnapping of little Edoardo Cerchia involves the "Bastards" in a complex investigation that delves into the maze of the secrets of a rich Neapolitan family ...

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August 12

Martin Mystère 378 - Men in red

by Barzi Davide, Venturi Walter, Alessandrini Giancarlo (cover)

16 × 21 , 96 pages, paperback, b / w

The Colonel, vampire to whom the transforming actor Lon Chaney was inspired for one of his most famous metamorphoses, has returned to strike after a century. A large band of undead are ready to follow him in his desire for revenge on those who seem to have found the lost film London After Midnight. The public screening of the film could turn into a splendid death party that only Martin Mystère seems able to oppose, given that the organizers themselves do not seem to want to withdraw from their reckless purpose ... In addition, the usual unpublished editorials, the strips of Uncle Boris and the Bonelli Kids and a new episode of the novel “Falcone Maltese” by Andrea Carlo Cappi.

The Stories 106 - The Rebel

by Nolitta Guido, Tarquinio Sergio, Diso Roberto

16 × 21, 112 pages, paperback, b / w

Lieutenant Alan Lebaux returns from the battlefields to face a future that promises to be uncertain… the way home is long and a nasty surprise awaits him there! From the battlefields of the Civil War to the green ravines of the Amazon, we will find some of the rarest stories, written by Sergio Bonelli…

August 13

Dylan Dog Oldboy 8

by Baraldi Barbara, Cavaletto Andrea, Mari Nicola, Rinaldi Roberto and Cestaro Raul, Cestaro Gianluca (cover)

16 × 21, 192 pages, paperback, b / w

Good morning darkness: What dark secret hides the grim Nicholson mansion? What dramatic events have plagued the lives of its inhabitants in the past? Dylan must be able to extricate himself from the deadly coils of a femme fatale of yesteryear ... The horrors of Dunwich: The Old Boy is hired to investigate the village of Dunwich, Suffolk, where he will have to deal with three women at the antipodes of each other and a terrible story in which love and horror go hand in hand…

Tex Classic 116 - Carson's mission

by Bonelli Gianluigi, Galleppini Aurelio and GFB Comics (colors)

16 × 21, 64 pages, paperback, color

Tex wears the blue jackets with quick and targeted actions. The fanatic Colonel Elbert, after being captured, degraded, stripped and ridiculed, is sent without water into the desert! Kit Carson receives the task of making his friend Ranger think while, thanks to the uproar unleashed by the articles of the journalist Floyd, published by the "Washington Post", the order arrives from the capital to suspend military actions against the Navajos ...

August 14

Zagor Classic 30 - A mysterious ambush

by Nolitta Guido, Ferri Gallieno and GFB Comics (colors)

16 × 21, 80 pages, paperback, color

The Hurons are ready to sacrifice Zagor's life to appease the fury of the iron man, after the young Freddy has desecrated the sacred cave! Only the boy will be able to restore peace to the village ... A few days later, along the course of Duck Creek, the Spirit with the Hatchet and Chico come across a group of scoundrels about to sell weapons to the Naskapi. To alert the Blue Coats, our men head towards Fort Canton, accompanied by a Yellow Ax, but they are suddenly attacked by some soldiers…

Tex new reprint 472 - Witnesses for the accusation

di Nizzi Claudio, De La Fuente Víctor and Villa Claudio (cover)

16 × 21, 112 pages, paperback, b / w

In Flagstaff, Tex and Carson board the train with four sakems to go in Washington to testify against corrupt Indian agents. The sinister businessman Latimer is also on the convoy, ready to pull the emergency brake and thus allow an ambush of ferocious armed thugs. But Tex has an ace up his sleeve: his Navajo warriors jump out of the freight wagons and repel the assault! In the capital, the spy George Douglas who had taken Ely Parker hostage has been brought to justice, the Indian chiefs can finally tell the commission of inquiry about their suffering.

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