Alessandro "Vano" Vanoni will present his book at Lucca Comics & Games 2021

Alessandro Vano Vanoni will present his book at Lucca Comics & Games 2021

Alessandro "Vano" Vanoni will present his book at Lucca Comics &

During the now looming new edition of Lucca Comics & Games 2021, Alessandro "Vano" Vanoni, passionate storyteller and prolific Content Creator, famous for his # Se-LeCoseParlassero Youtube video series, will present his new book, entitled #SeQuestoLibroParlasse … It would make you laugh!

The book will tell us about a hilarious adventure, between the fantastic and the surreal, set in that of Varese and whose vicissitudes are told in the first person among cosplayers, pop references, and many laughter and whose imagination comes to life thanks to the illustrations by the cartoonist and animator Fraffrog (Francesca Presentini).

# SeQuestoLibroParlasse… would make you laugh! It is in fact a fantastic story, which makes wise use of the most famous (but not limited to) figures of the pop collective imagination of the last 30 years, starting from Dragonball to get to Star Wars, passing through the Marvel multiverse and much more. A journey where cosplay becomes reality, able to thrill younger readers with its bizarre situations, but also able to entertain the greatest, thanks to a myriad of pop quotes to be discovered.

“# SeQuestoLibroParlasse… it would make you laugh! somehow reminded me of a Ready Player One (available at this Amazon link) for kids in a comedy key! ”Says Fraffrog, who edited the cover and internal illustrations, adding that she really enjoyed accompanying Alessandro's story with her illustrations.

The book, 200 pages 14X21.5 cm, costing € 15.90, will be presented by the author Alessandro "Vano" Vanoni, on October 31st, at the Ubik bookshop at 5.30 pm, during Lucca Comics & Games 2021. event of which we at Italia Pop Culture have the honor of being Streaming Media Partner, and whose events you can follow directly from our Twitch channel.

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