Fortnite - Ariana Grande and the Monster Hunter assignments: how to get the All-Weather Extractor

Fortnite - Ariana Grande and the Monster Hunter assignments: how to get the All-Weather Extractor

Fortnite - Ariana Grande and the Monster Hunter assignments

In this Fortnite guide we will explain how to complete Ariana Grande's Monster Hunters assignments and get the All-Weather Extractor Special Pickaxe.

After this summer's performance, Ariana Grande is back in the Epic Games battle royale below form of a hunter of monsters in all space, or one of the NPCs who will entrust you with a quest series in Fortnite in Season 8. By completing all five of his tasks you will receive the All-Weather Pickaxe, as well as a good amount of XP that does not hurt.

Where to find Ariana Grande in Fortnite and start the Monster Hunter quests

The Monster Hunter quests will let you explore the new version of the Halloween themed Fortnite map far and wide, first to search for an album and then to get on the trail of monsters.

Below we will explain all the steps to complete the quests, but first of all you will have to talk to Ariana Grande, who you will find in Cala Credente, to be precise towards the end of the pier, as you can see in the image of followed.

Ariana Grande as a space monster hunter

Where to find an album and the turntable

Ariana Grande's first task will be to find an album and then listen to it via a turntable. The easiest point on the map to find the disc is located southwest of Mistland, at the top of the mountain, as shown in the image below.

The position of the album and the record player in the Fortnite map On the top you will find a cabin with Fabio Folta Chioma inside. Next to him you will see a box with the album inside and immediately next to it the turntable. Interact with both objects in succession and you will have completed the first phase of the Fortnite Monster Hunter assignments.

Ariana Grande's album, next to it is the turntable

Study in the Keeper's footsteps

For the second phase you will have to study in the Keeper's footsteps. In the map screen with the tasks you will be shown various points to examine, but fortunately only two are enough, choose the ones you prefer. You will need to look for craters that emit a pink light, like the ones in the image below, and interact with them to complete the second stage of the tasks.

The Keeper's footprints

Collect symbols from the monsters of the Cube

To complete the third stage of Fortnite's Monster Hunters assignments you will have to eliminate the monsters of the Cube and collect the symbols that they will drop to the ground. You will find monsters in the corrupted areas that appear at different points in each match. Before diving from the Battle Bus check their position on the map, they are marked with yellow circles, as in the image below.

One of the corrupted areas of the Fortnite map Once inside grab a firearm or your pickaxe to take out the monsters in the Cube. These will drop a "Marking", which you must collect by interacting with it. Once you have collected five, you have completed this stage of the Ariana Grande quests.

The markings dropped by the monsters in the Fortnite cube

Reveal the Command symbol

To complete this stage you will need to reach one of the points indicated on the assignment map and activate the command symbols. We recommend Podere Pannocchie. Once done you will need to identify three light poles stuck in the ground (they are next to each other). When you approach each of them will emit a hologram that depicts a silhouette while performing a gesture: jump, pick or dance. What you need to do is mimic the action depicted. For example, in the image below we are asked to use the pickaxe: it is therefore necessary to press the action key with the pickaxe equipped to activate the symbol. Once you have performed the correct actions for all three "command symbols" you will have completed the penultimate stage of Ariana Grande's quests.

The posts with the command symbols

Shoot the flares

The last step to complete Fortnite's Monster Hunter Assignments requires you to reach the places indicated on the map and activate three signal flares. When you are close to one of them, a small symbol with an exclamation point will appear in the minimap indicating its exact position.

One of the signal flares to be activated Once found and activated, you will also have completed the last step of Ariana Grande's quests and you will receive the special All-Weather Extractor pickaxe as a reward, which you will find in your locker.

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