The Role Game at Lucca Comics & Games 2021

The Role Game at Lucca Comics & Games 2021

The Role Game at Lucca Comics &

One of the cornerstones of the next, upcoming edition of Lucca Comics & Games 2021, will undoubtedly be role-playing, which means that we can (finally) return to sit at the gaming tables, obviously in complete safety, made available by the organization of anyone who wants to try (or try again) the experience of rolling dice together with their party. The Roleplaying Game, for this 2021 edition, will also see the presence of demo areas and tournaments, the return in the presence of the Rolympics and great guests and talents ready to welcome their fans and all enthusiasts.

Various will be RPG guests during the entire duration of the event: starting with InnTale, a group of streamers who share their passion for role-playing games with their large community, both on YouTube and Twitch, and who finally return in Lucca to present new projects that are about to start and which will see the light in the course of 2022. The appointment with them is for Monday 1 November at 5 pm, at the Auditorium del Suffragio.

In addition to them, we will be able to also meet Andrea "Il Rosso" Lucca (nomen omen), an Italian reference figure for organized role play and host of the podcast "La Locanda del Drago Rosso", which will meet the public at the Ingellis room at the Hotel San Luca Sunday on October 31st at 5.30 pm, for the panel "New horizons of organized role play", a talk with the aim of taking stock of the role played game organized after the pandemic and the advent of new virtual platforms for remote gaming. In addition, Il Rosso will be at the Real Collegio every day from 10 to 13 to role-play with his fans.

The Non Dire Draghi collective will also be present for the first time, with a table dedicated to playing with their fans, located on the first floor of the Real Collegio from Saturday 30 October to Monday 1 November, all three days from 1.30 pm.

We also remind you that we at Italia Cultura Pop, have the honor of being Streaming Media Partner of the event, whose events you can follow directly from our Twitch channel , not to miss the highlights of the entire event.

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