NVIDIA's monster for mining is already on sale

NVIDIA's monster for mining is already on sale

As reported by well-known leaker Komachi_Ensaka, NVIDIA's flagship GPU for cryptocurrency mining CMP 170HX has been spotted for sale. Vipera, a Dubai retailer, reportedly has 238 units in stock and is offering them for $ 4,300.

Photo Credit: Yahoo NVIDIA launched the Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) line in an attempt to divert the attention of miners from its Ampere-based GeForce graphics cards. We later learned that NVIDIA was re-proposing the Turing architecture for these CMP GPUs. The CMP 170HX, on the other hand, uses the GA100 die, the same at the base of the expensive A100 data center card. Again, this is NVIDIA's clever way to recycle defective GA100 dies into something profitable.

The GA100 GPU inside the CMP 170HX has only 70 SMs enabled, for a total of 4,480 CUDA cores. , while the A100 has the full 108 SM die or 6,912 CUDA cores. The CMP 170HX offers up to 164 MHps of Ethereum mining performance and only requires a PCIe 4.0 x4 connection to achieve its goal. The card also features 8GB of HBM2e memory on a 4,096-bit memory interface. CMP 170HX has a 250W TDP and is more than happy to power itself with a single 8-pin PCIe power connector.

Photo Credit: Yahoo Photo Credit: Yahoo Komachi_Ensaka also discovered a Yahoo auction in Japan, where the current bid for the CMP 170HX is 600,000 yen (€ 4,548). The GPU features a standard dual-slot design with passive cooling. The silver metallic coating looks pretty elegant, and if it weren't for the small NVIDIA and CMP 170HX logos, you wouldn't know where it came from.

Being a tailor-made GPU for professional cryptocurrency mining, the CMP 170HX has no video outputs. Additionally, user feedback revealed that the GPU has a locked vBIOS, so overclocking or undervolting is out of the question. Due to the nature of cryptocurrency mining, GPUs designed for that purpose typically don't come with a generous guarantee. For example, Gigabyte backs its CMP 30HX with a three-month limited warranty. According to Vipera, the CMP 170HX has a one year manufacturer's warranty.

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