Lucca Comics & Games 2021: all the reasons to participate in the new edition

Lucca Comics & Games 2021: all the reasons to participate in the new edition

Lucca Comics & Games 2021

Are you ready for Lucca Comics & Games 2021? Here we are. Today the 55 edition of the most anticipated fair of comics, games, storytelling and contemporary mythologies kicks off, this year with a very romantic and meaningful title: seeing the stars again: light.

From Friday 29 October until Monday 1 November, after an inaugural ceremony in the presence of the Minister for Youth Policies Fabiana Dadone, an unmissable Lucca Comics & Games 2021 awaits you, in peace and safety. So here are 10 + 1 good reasons not to miss it!

Lucca Comics & Games 2021: 10 + 1 good reasons not to miss this edition

The city of comics

Basic thing: the meeting with the biggest names in comics nationally and internationally. Among them will be Sio, who presents his first illustrated book The girl who wanted to become a stone (Feltrinelli Comics); Leo Ortolani with his new Blu Tramonto comic (Feltrinelli Comics); Bastien Vives and Martin Quenehen, who will meet the fans and readers of Oceano Nero (Cong), a formidable and revolutionary reinterpretation of Corto Maltese. Not only because Star Comics will inaugurate a crackling show dedicated to comics and magic, the Star Comics Circus to present next year's editorial news together with an exceptional guest, the magician Andrea Paris. Also unmissable is the appointment with Zerocalcare dedicated to his series Strappare along the edges, coming to Netflix.

Frank Miller: the master of comics

Lucca Comics & Games 2021 there will be Frank Miller, who will meet the public during a masterclass preceded by the screening of Frank Miller - American Genius, a documentary directed by Silenn Thomas focusing on the career of one of the most beloved cartoonists, known for his many masterpieces, from Sin City to 300, passing through collaborations with DC Comics and Marvel.

I'm still alive, the highly anticipated graphic novel by Roberto Saviano

Roberto Saviano will present his latest work, the highly anticipated I'm Still Alive (you can buy it on Amazon!), the first graphic novel made by the excellent hand of the Israeli cartoonist and illustrator Asaf Hanuka, published by Bao Publishing. Roberto Saviano talks about one of the most difficult aspects of his existence, the constant protection that allows him to stay alive.

Graphic Novel Theater

There are two events dedicated to the mix of theater and comics . The first of the two shows is L'Oreste - When the dead kill the living, a theatrical work by Francesco Niccolini, produced by Accademia Perduta Romagna Theaters and Societies for Actors, in collaboration and previewed at Lucca Comics & Games. The second appointment is with Corpicino at the theater - Black pages for black chronicles taken from the mature and merciless work of the brilliant Tuono Pettinato, the first content with which Lucca Comics & Games intends to celebrate the artist and his friend, directed by Francesca Caprioli and the curatorship of Cristina Poccardi.

Also to pay homage to the artist, Sunday 31 October will be Tuono Day with two unmissable events dedicated to the author: The cartoonist who made Air Guitar, the definitive duel between the two souls of Tuono Pettinato: between punk and high culture, between research and mainstream, which will be interpreted by Valerio Lundini, comedian, author and host, Silvia Bencivelli, journalist and popularizer, the writer Marta Barone, the directors Marco and Antonio Manetti in streaming and the musician Simone Lucciola. The documentary Tuono born from the collaboration between Lucca Comics & Games, Fish-Eye Digital Video Creation and Rai will then be presented.

All the news of the Movie Area

As regards the area cinema there will be many news. From the panels of The Witcher, the highly anticipated Netflix series available from December 17, with the presence of the protagonists Kim Bodnia and Joey Batey, the creator of the series Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the costume designer Lucinda Wright and the production designer Andrew Laws and Encanto, new film of Disney-branded animation in Italian cinemas from 24 November, with the presence of the Italian artists Giovanni Rigano and Massimo Rocca. Then the feature film Marvel Studios Eternals, Edgar Wright's thriller Last Night in Soho, the new chapter of the iconic Ghostbusters: Legacy saga.

And then again the TV series with Dopesick - Declaration of Addiction, the highly anticipated new Disney + drama series with Michael Keaton, which will arrive on the streaming platform on Friday 12 November, Stalk RaiPlay series in the presence of the director and protagonists Simon Bouisson, Théo Fernandez and Aloïse Sauvage, the new series by DC Superman & Lois. In addition, the Executioner's House hosts an exclusive immersive Prime Video experience dedicated to the highly anticipated new series The Wheel of Time, based on the best-selling novels of the same name by Robert Jordan. Visitors to Lucca Comics & Games will be able to enter the world of La Ruota del Tempo and will be virtually greeted by the cast of the new Amazon Original series, and then see some scenes from the first episode. The first three episodes of The Wheel of Time will be available on Prime Video from November 19th, with a new episode every Friday thereafter, until the season finale on December 24th. -

Rock 'n' Comics: the new format by Lucca Comics & Games

Rock 'n' Comics is a format that combines music and comics. Among the guests there will be Pau, frontman of the Negrita, in an extraordinary artistic dialogue with the author Simone Bianchi; Caparezza, with the unveil of the variant cover of his latest brilliant album Exuvia, an exceptional pop-up created for him by comic superstar Simone Bianchi; Mahmood who on the occasion of the release of the book Ghettolimpo - On the paths of the soul, will dialogue with Sio about music and comics; Shade who will present The rapper factory, a fun comic adventure designed by Roberto d'Agnano; Cristina Scabbia, Marco Coti Zelati and Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil, the most famous Italian gothic metal band in the world, who have always been passionate about games and geek culture.

Arcane Exhibition

ARCANE is the animated series, inspired by the universe of League of Legends, entirely produced by Riot Games and entrusted to Netflix for distribution and to celebrate the event, an exhibition dedicated to ARCANE has been set up at the MUF ex-Museum of Comics, with sketches originals, sketches and artwork, along with original props for the first time on display. Still in the same area, street artist Alice Pasquini will perform live reinterpreting the protagonists of the Jinx and Vi series with her style.

Esports Cathedral

Esports will be celebrated by Lucca Comics & Games 2021 at the Esports Cathedral, Auditorium San Romano, in a four-day event dedicated to the most played titles of all time, will be tied on 29 October with FORTNITE, to follow on 30 with Pokèmon, while on 31 it will be the turn of League of Legends, to close on 1 November with Clash Royal. Also on November 30th there will be the Pokémon Lucca Party, a full day of themed shows in the company of the Pokémon Millennium community, as well as talks and meetings.

The world of fantasy

On the occasion of Dante's anniversary and the arrival at the cinema of Dune, from the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, authors and creatives passionate about cross-media talk and discuss on the theme: Luca Tarenzi (author of the trilogy L'ora dei damati), Manlio Castagna (Petrademone, 116 films to see before the age of 16), Aislinn (Angelize, Melusina), and Riccardo Sirignano (creator of Inferno RPG, made by Acheron Games with Epic Party Games). Carlo Lucarelli will also be in Lucca who will present in the company of the wolf for the first time to the public. The black heart of fairy tales, the book inspired by the series of the same name produced by TIWI and aired on Sky Arte last winter. Presenting his new podcast will be Maccio Capatonda, accompanied by Herbert Ballerina and Valerio Desirò.

Audible will present 2 live shows: one dedicated to The Christmas Pig, the latest novel by J.K. Rowling, and the second dedicated to Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, in collaboration with DC and Panini Comics. Not only. In the meeting The Comedy in the mirror of images, Massimo Bray, general director of Treccani, Lina Bolzoni, literary critic, and Eike Schmidt, director of the Uffizi Galleries who will address the connection between the text and the images that have told it during the centuries, with a live performance by the author of the Lucca post office C&G 2021 Paolo Barbieri. For the little ones, and not only, the author Jack Meggitt Phillips will be in Lucca who will meet the fans of Bethany and the beast.

The Game

The talents of the Game cannot be missing di Ruolo da InnTale, a group of streamers who share their passion for RPGs with thousands of people on YouTube and Twitch, which will present new projects starting in 2022; Andrea "Il Rosso" Lucca will meet the public for the panel New horizons of organized role play, a talk to take stock of the pandemic and the advent of new virtual platforms for remote gaming. At the Lucca Games area of ​​the Real Collegio (Stand RCG234 - First Floor) it will be possible to try a dense list of games in the company of the researchers who have followed their study and creation, suitable for any type of player. In the adjacent meeting room, teachers, researchers and professionals in the sector will alternate to tell in depth what Game Science is and where it is going (reservations required).

The Centenary of the Unknown Soldier . The commemoration of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Lucca C&G

A final reason to participate in Lucca Comics & Games 2021 is the project curated by Anna Villari and Paolo Vicchiarello, a real journey through Italy, capable of giving a new visual and narrative substance to what a hundred years ago was the "journey" of the unknown soldier, without rhetoric, with emotion, with truth. The initiative includes: an immersive installation on the train that will arrive from Aquileia in Rome with the comic strips taken from Unastoria di Gipi, an exhibition in the Church of San Cristoforo in Lucca with 20 unpublished works created by as many Italian artists, two meetings of in-depth study with the protagonists of the project and seven moments of signing with the authors of the exhibition 20 names for the Unknown Soldier, some Ticket to Ride tournaments thanks to the collaboration with Asmodee.

Are you ready for this new edition of Lucca Comics & Games 2021? We do! Follow us live from Lucca Comics & Games 2021 to enjoy the fair from the comfort of your home! Interviews, insights, curiosities… the best of the event in streaming!

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