Star Comics announces the manga Phantom Seer

Star Comics announces the manga Phantom Seer

Star Comics has announced in the course of the last few hours Phatom Seer, the 4-volume manga miniseries written by Tougo Gotou and with the drawings of Kento Matsuura through the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump between August 2020 and April 2021, arriving here in our country in course of Spring 2022.

Star Comics announces the manga Phantom Seer

The manga won the prize of the 2018 edition of the Gold Future Cup and this is how the Perugian publisher describes the 'work:

Between evil spirits and defending shamans, don't miss this horror adventure full of action, supernatural and… numerous mysteries! The cheerful and sunny Riku Aibetsu is a generous and selfless high school student, with a sort of special "sixth sense" thanks to which she is able to predict threatening situations and, consequently, to help people in danger. Or at least that's what she thinks, at least until the dismal and mysterious schoolmate Iori - a lazy and indolent shaman but with strong moral values ​​- opens her eyes to the hidden world of Spirits and psychic faculties. Enchanting atmospheres and awesome designs in this exciting and captivating Weekly Shonen Jump miniseries!

The series has been serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan for a total of 4 volumes, the last of which was published on 2 July 2021.

Star Comics: new proposals Weekly Shonen Jump

Among the new Star Comics proposals regarding Weekly Shonen Jump we cannot but forget about MASHLE, the revelation manga written and drawn by Hajime Komoto. The first issue is available for purchase anywhere and the second will arrive on November 24th. You can buy the 1st here and pre-order the 2nd on Amazon. In Japan, the work premiered in 2020 and has reached 8 volumes with a not-so-distant conclusion:

We are in the world of magic, where everyone has magical powers and the latter are the engine of every activity. The secret of the young Mash, who turns into a muscle training monster in a forest far from civilization, is that he was born devoid of magic, and is absolutely unable to practice spells. When this hidden truth is discovered, his life changes totally: to preserve his safety and that of his adoptive father, the boy is forced to enroll in the most prestigious academy of magic, aiming to become the new "Divine Enlightened", the sorcerer. of the year! The curtain rises on this anomalous fantasy in which trained muscles, physical strength and… a lot of unpredictable cunning pulverize any spell!

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