GTA 6 becomes a conspiracy theory due to the GTA Trilogy

GTA 6 becomes a conspiracy theory due to the GTA Trilogy

With the announcement of GTA Trilogy, the web went into raptures, among players happy as Easter to review their favorite title updated to the present day, and others who have harshly criticized the product. Despite everything, it is undeniable that the trilogy will be welcomed with open arms by all lovers of the series, and that we are all anxiously waiting to finally be able to put our hand on the finished product. However, it seems that some users have noticed something in the announcement trailer that could be a clue to the arrival of GTA 6.

According to some, the trailer for GTA Trilogy shows a detail that could connect to the announcement of the next chapter in the saga, and the theory behind it is as crazy as it is sensible. The precise point of the trailer that made the web turn up its nose is found at minute 0.40 of the trailer, in which we see the protagonist of Vice City on a motorcycle. The plate contains a particular text: VICE CITY - ICSLV. Users, in fact, believe that this is more than it seems: a coded message.

The community has interpreted the writing by taking the first three initials as the acronym of "Is Coming Soon", that is "Is about to arrive", referring to the writing at the top of the plate, that is Vice City. "LV", on the other hand, was seen as a Roman numeral, whose letters symbolize the number 55. According to this theory, therefore, there should be news on GTA 6 in 55 days.

As crazy as it may seem, there is the possibility, as long as it is small, that all of this may be true. Doing a calculation, in fact, the date would correspond to December 16, and apparently some leakers have already mentioned this specific day regarding the announcement of GTA 6 in the past, so there is a tiny probability that the community has seen us right. . The only way to find out, unfortunately, is to wait for the fateful day, in the hope of receiving news about the new chapter of the saga.

While you await the arrival of these new chapters from Rockstar Games, you can recover GTA 5 at this address.

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