id Software may be working on a beloved IP

id Software may be working on a beloved IP

The authorship of id Software in the field of first-person shooters is undeniable, especially after the excellent DOOM Eternal and its DLCs. The software house has thus managed to bring back to life, in 2016, one of the most important series in the history of the video game that had been lost over the years. The team could now be working on an equally important IP for the medium, which has indelibly marked the world of FPS arena.

We are obviously talking about Quake, a work that has always taken up the gameplay of DOOM but which, on the contrary, was not treated in the same way. Bethesda recently released the first three chapters of the series on all consoles with interesting additions and graphic improvements, as we told you in our review. However, the lack of a new game in the series is felt especially for fans. As early as June 2021 there was talk of the possibility that id Software was working on a Quake reboot with a female protagonist, but nothing has been heard since then.

Today we discover a new job offer from Zenimax Media for the role of Senior Animator in id Software's next game. Interestingly, the page explicitly mentions that "id Software is looking for a Senior Technical Animator / Character TD to join our team at Richardson, TX studio (near Dallas) in developing an iconic long-term FPS action". The job position in question will require the implementation of triple A quality animations with a focus on Havok technology for adding hair and textiles, both for gameplay and cinematic scenes.

In short, the role that id Software and Zenimax Media are looking for is clearly for a very important title in development, but for the moment we cannot yet know what it is for safety. It goes without saying that thoughts immediately go to Quake, given the many voices that want it to return. However, it is also not to be excluded that the title in question is a new chapter of DOOM. We therefore look forward to further news, hoping that the Quake series is really about to make its return.

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