Xbox Series X | S: support for GeForce Now is now a reality

Xbox Series X | S: support for GeForce Now is now a reality

Xbox Series X | S

Cloud gaming with Nvidia GeForce Now is about to reach virtually every gamer in the world. Nvidia's technology, which allows everyone to be able to play the most modern games in streaming, without the necessary hardware, will soon also arrive on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as reported by Tom Warren, editor-in-chief of The Verge.

In the twitter, entrusted to his Twitter account, Warren explained how Nvidia is working to bring GeForce Now also on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. How? Using the Edge browser. The service of the GPU manufacturer is in fact very versatile and in addition to the official client, available on PC, it can also be used through the programs used to browse online. Proper operation is slightly more complex, but what matters is the result. And so, soon, Nvidia will unlock support for Microsoft's browser (already integrated into the console) and players will be able to use the consoles of the Redmond house as a basis to be able to connect to the company's servers and play in streaming.

Warren has spread the news of the arrival of GeForce Now also on Microsoft Edge in combination with the upgrade that the servers of the service will undergo over the next few months. The servers, necessary for operation, will in fact be equipped with a GPU equivalent to the RTX 3080, which will allow streaming up to 1440p on PC and console and up to 4K for Nvidia Shield. Thanks to this update, in addition, Nvidia has declared that it will be possible to achieve greater performance with practically no latency compared to all gaming PCs, consoles and competitors such as Google Stadia and the Xbox cloud itself. More details on the service are available in this article that we published over the last week.

good news: Nvidia is unblocking Microsoft's Edge browser for GeForce Now. This means you'll soon be able to play Steam PC games on an Xbox through GeForce Now streaming. I'll let you all know once it's live 👍

- Tom Warren (@tomwarren) October 22, 2021

To access the new package, however, you will need to pay an additional subscription. The option to play with the RTX 3080 will be available first to current subscribers of the service (divided into category between Founder and Priority) scattered between Europe and the United States, with a six-month subscription set at a price of 99.99 Dollars. . The launch of the service is scheduled for November in the US, while in the Old Continent it will be necessary to wait until December.

You can get an Xbox Series S at a slightly discounted price HERE.

Xbox Series X | S

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