Study: A third of men prefer to play with female characters

Study: A third of men prefer to play with female characters


There are games that allow gamers to choose the gender of their own character and titles that rely on a fixed cast. If the former is the case, it does not necessarily mean that players choose their characters according to their own gender in reality. This is shown by an interesting study by Quantic Foundry, which deals precisely with this topic. It turned out that just under a third of male gamers prefer to gamble with female characters - if they have a choice. The opposite case is much rarer.

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Female, male and non-binary

In the investigation female, male and non-binary gender were included on the gamer side, the same applies to the game characters. About half a million people took part in the study. If you want to do that too, you can find the corresponding survey by Quantic Foundry here.

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Many men prefer to play as women

The results: 76 percent of women prefer to play with a female figure, 9 percent prefer male characters. 38 percent of non-binary players prefer to use non-binary figures, with 33 percent following in second place with female figures for this group of people. Among male gamers, 29 percent prefer a female figure, i.e. almost one in three. That means: The option of female characters in games is not only relevant for women - but also for men.

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Researching gender identity

The study by Quantic Foundry also states that men who prefer to gamble with female characters tend to be older. As a motivation for this preference, the study also points to more individuality in the design of female figures. Further reasons are only suspected in the investigation. It is possible that men are more likely to explore their own gender identity in a "secure digital environment", and that female figures are often designed to be visually attractive. Further assumptions relate to the psychological effect of the gender of the character in multiplayer games, for example the tendency towards better treatment of female characters in such games.

Sources: / Quantic Foundry

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Corporate tax hike to hit middle-class Americans, study shows

Republican lawmakers on Monday released an analysis showing that even a slight corporate tax increase would have a negative effect on middle-class Americans and small businesses.


The study was released by Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, and Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, and conducted by the Joint Committee on Taxation.

The JCT analyzed the economic effects of raising the corporate tax rate to 24%, 25% and 28%. The corporate tax rate was lowered to 21% from 35% by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


The study found that over the course of 10 years, more than 66% of the taxpayers who would bear the burden of increasing the rate to 25% would have incomes below $500,000.

About 169 million of the 172 million – or 98% – of the taxpayers who would be hit by that slight hike have incomes below $500,000.


Increasing the corporate tax rate to 25% would raise an estimated $27.7 billion from taxpayers in 2022 alone.

'This study supports what we’ve long known--corporate tax hikes are primarily borne by workers and retirees, and certainly the middle class/those making well below $400,000 a year,' Crapo and Brady said in a statement. 'Now is not the time to raise taxes on the very people we are asking to lead us out of this crisis.' 

Brady and Crapo added that a separate study showed that a corporate tax increase would hit 1.4 million small businesses that were organized as C corporations.

They also said that corporate tax hikes would hurt retirees since 107.8 million taxpayers have some ownership in U.S. corporations via pensions, IRAs and other retirement accounts.


President Biden has proposed raising the corporate tax rate to 28%, which is lower than what it was before President Trump’s administration slashed it to 21%.

The proposal is part of several tax increases the administration had proposed as a means to pay for various spending packages.

The administration has repeatedly said it will not raise tax rates for anyone earning less than $400,000.

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