There's a new Marvel game in development, and it's going to be huge

There's a new Marvel game in development, and it's going to be huge

There's a new Marvel game in development

Over the last few hours, a very interesting rumor has emerged about a new Marvel game currently in development. According to what reported by Murphy's Universe, the narrative universe created by Stan Lee and currently in the hands of Disney, could see the birth of a new MMORPG, developed by a studio already expert in this genre of video games.

The rumors about a Marvel-themed MMORPG are starting from an insider on Twitter. The project would have been unveiled during a presentation of the EG7 holding, which also includes the developers of DC Universe Online. And it would be the Texan team to have this new project in hand, which is currently in a pre-development phase. What does this all mean? Simply that the development studio would currently be working on the initial stages of the game: story, setting and characters to be included within it, as well as the entire economy and gameplay.

There aren't, at least at the state current, game images and the title behind this new project. However, we do know that Jack Emmert, who has already led DC Universe Online, is leading the development team of the new Marvel-themed MMORPG. At present, everything would really be in the initial stages as mentioned above and it is very likely that the project will not see the light before 2024, even if only at the level of presentation and announcement for the general public.

The Marvel games portfolio is very extensive, thanks to the license that Disney has entrusted to various studios. Insomniac Games has already developed a Spider-Man game, and the PlayStation team continues to work on its sequel, as well as a new Wolverine game. Finally, Square Enix has launched Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel's Avengers. With such a variety of games and genres, in fact, an MMORPG would be lacking in appeal: will it be the right choice for Disney or is the project destined not to convince players?

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