The Star Trek Bibles arrive

The Star Trek Bibles arrive

The Bibles of the TV series constitute the fundamental basis for the correct understanding of series in production and, therefore, not yet completed. Now you can finally get your hands on the Star Trek Bibles too, so you can take a look at some really fascinating materials.

All about the Star Trek Bibles

The Star Trek Bibles under review cover The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise and have been circulating on the internet in different formats for a long time, but in a new article by Rob Wieland on the official Star Trek website he provided a new look at the first 4 major series. Thanks to these documents collected in the Star Trek Bibles, fans can see how these iconic television shows were first imagined, what changed on the way to the small screen, and what ideas the authors decided were the most. stimulating and exciting to put in to sell these series to networks.

There are many interesting contrasts between the documents collected in these Star Trek Bibles that concern not only the conception and construction of the world they contain, but also things like seeing Voyager's commercial success along with its series bible, document given to the press and marketing reps of the time.

There are little details about things that have changed since they were written these Star Trek Bibles to what we saw those series on screen: Elizabeth Janeway became Kathryn, Deep Space Nine's use of the Gamma Quadran wormhole t would originally require ships arriving at the station to have special engine modulations installed there, and T'Pol was originally supposed to be a younger T'Pau, the Vulcan logician and diplomat who officiated Spock's wedding in “Amok Time”. br>

But it is also interesting to note that there are signs of the ideologies behind each series. The New Generation Bible, for example, focuses on the role of the Enterprise-D not as a warship, but as a family-friendly and research ship, showing life aboard the spaceship, as well as what his Starfleet officers were doing on the bridge.

Deep Space 9's darkest vision is present right from the start, as it speaks to the ramifications of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor and the unstable role of the Fleet Stellar in subsequent negotiations, describing the station as “a United Nations headquarters located within the territory of a sovereign nation.”

The Star Trek Bibles are all incredibly fascinating reads for enthusiasts, and since Star Trek is approaching its 55th anniversary it's nice to look back at the things that made it what it once was in order to better understand its evolution and to catch glimpses of what could have been.

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