LEGO Black Friday | The best offers

LEGO Black Friday | The best offers

Yes, Black Friday 2021 is upon us: one of the most anticipated events of the year, where anyone can give vent to their obsessions in terms of online shopping, it is in fact about to arrive and we are looking forward to it. As every year, the offers promise to be very interesting, with a whole series of promotional products not to be missed. The date to keep an eye on is that of November 26, the last Friday of the month that really promises surprises of all kinds: very little is missing and, to make you always ready, we invite you to always keep an eye on our page dedicated to all the offers of Black Friday 2021.

There really is something for everyone and today we at have a surprise for you: a list with the best original LEGO Sets to buy during Black Friday 2021. From Star Wars to Harry Potter passing through Marvel and many others, there are so many franchises available in LEGO brick version that really deserve the purchase. Below we have selected the best ones, and we will update this page constantly until the arrival of Black Friday. Are you ready?

The best LEGO deals for Black Friday 2021

LEGO Star Wars LEGO Architecture LEGO Friends - Central Perk LEGO City LEGO Classic LEGO Ideas LEGO Marvel LEGO Harry Potter LEGO… For Christmas!

LEGO Star Wars

Let's start with a franchise that needs no introduction of any kind: Star Wars is in fact a real must for every pop culture fan, and LEGO offers a huge choice of truly spectacular constructions for young and old. A few examples? The awesome 432-piece TIE Fighter, the iconic 248-piece Jedi Interceptor and Luke Skywalker's 474-piece X-Wing.

»View offer on LEGO Star Wars - TIE Fighter

» View offer on LEGO Star Wars - X-Wing Fighter

»View offer on LEGO Star Wars - Jedi Interceptor

LEGO Architecture

The LEGO Architecture collection is one of the most beautiful ever included in the catalog of the Danish giant. In fact, these are super accurate reproductions of some of the most famous monuments in the world, and even here we are spoiled for choice. The level of detail is really impressive especially in the sets dedicated to the London, Paris and New York City skylines.

»View offer on LEGO Architecture - London

» View offer on LEGO Architecture - Paris

»View offer on LEGO Architecture - New York

LEGO Friends - Central Perk

Is there a more iconic sitcom than Friends? On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the series, LEGO has thought of a nice surprise for fans of the show: a set depicting the Central Per with 7 characters and many small goodies that will certainly be appreciated by fans but not only.

»View offer on LEGO Friends - Central Perk


LEGO City sets are undoubtedly among the most popular of recent years: with simple bricks it is in fact possible to create a city in all its components with a truly incredible variety of places, vehicles and characters. This is the case of the sets dedicated to the police station, the fire station and the airport: three buildings with a high level of detail that are truly perfect for young and old.

»View offer on LEGO City - Central Police Set

» View offer on LEGO City - Fire Station Set

»View offer on LEGO City - Airport Set

LEGO Classic

What if instead of buying a set… We let our imagination run wild? The LEGO Classic boxes are created precisely for this: with a pack of 484 or 790 pieces - both with a LEGO Ideas booklet included - you can in fact unleash your creativity, building whatever you want without any limit beyond imagination. Each set contains bricks of different colors and shapes, to give you the ability to really create anything.

»View offer on LEGO Classic - Medium Set

» View offer on LEGO Classic - Large Set

LEGO Ideas

Now let's move on to some sets with a very refined design, for those who want to create something special using only LEGO bricks. LEGO Ideas sets are small aesthetic masterpieces, perfect for giving that extra touch to every corner of your home with details and tricks to display in your collection. We have suggested three sets: a ship in a bottle, a NASA-branded shuttle and a fantastic grand piano.

»View offer on LEGO Ideas - Ship in a Bottle

» View offer on LEGO Ideas - Saturn V Apollo NASA

»View offer on LEGO Ideas - Grand Piano

LEGO Marvel

We have finally arrived at LEGO Marvel sets, and even here the alternatives really leave you speechless. A few examples? An awesome set depicting the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man's incredible hall of armor (crafted with a jaw-dropping level of detail) and a Thanos Infinity Gauntlet model to build from 590 LEGO bricks . Not bad, right?

»View offer on LEGO Marvel - Avengers: Endgame

» View offer on LEGO Marvel - Iron Man Armor Room

»View offer on LEGO Marvel - Glove Thanos

LEGO Harry Potter

Another round, another franchise that certainly needs no introduction. The impact of Harry Potter in popular culture is in fact impossible to quantify, and for years LEGO has continued to offer truly exceptional sets for all fans of the saga but not only. Here we suggest just three of them depicting Hogwarts Castle and Tower and the unpredictable Nottetempo, all made with a level of detail and a perfect design to recall the magical atmosphere of the film.

»View offer on LEGO Harry Potter - Hogwarts Castle

» View offer on LEGO Harry Potter - Nighttime

»View offer on LEGO Harry Potter - Hogwarts Tower

LEGO… For Christmas!

We close with a LEGO set that wants to be a surprise for the Christmas holidays: a fantastic Advent Calendar full of mini-constructions, characters and accessories to enjoy the wait for December 25th in pure LEGO style. A perfect surprise for young and old, to approach Christmas with something new to build (or add to your collection) every day!

»View offer on LEGO City Advent Calendar 2021

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