LEGO Star Wars Battles, the preview of the new mobile title by TT Games

LEGO Star Wars Battles, the preview of the new mobile title by TT Games

LEGO Star Wars Battles

It is a strange world that of mobile titles: in the whirlwind of clone video games, microtransactions, battles between digital stores and so on, an illustrious license like that of Star Wars can only complicate things enormously. The Playdemics learned this the hard way that, a few years ago, they had to cancel their LEGO Star Wars Battles after being acquired by EA because the publisher apparently lost interest in the project. A strange move, indeed, because (leaving aside the obvious power of the brand) the title was already available in various countries and practically ready, so much so that it had achieved some success in some of these.

Evidently, as it went by of the time, Star Wars Battles must have been re-evaluated, because today it has a new developer behind it, the TT Games (those of LEGO games, so to speak), which has taken the basis created by the previous team and decided to propose it again for a full launch exclusively on Apple Arcade.

We have previewed LEGO Star Wars Battles and today we tell you what is shown.

Dark side Royale?

LEGO Star Wars Battles: a battle on the snow Let's put things down in clear, we are talking about a mobile title, therefore a product tailored to the trends of the moment. Trends dating back to a few years ago, as explained above. LEGO Star Wars Battles is therefore a sort of Clash Royale: a mixture between a competitive strategy and a tower defense in practice, with incredibly accessible gameplay and immediately understandable by anyone.

The goal is to destroy the opponent's base and it is done simply by fielding various units. These are part of a deck of cards and are unlocked progressively by playing or acquired through a shop with the internal currency (which is accumulated by playing).

Obviously each unit has varying weaknesses and resistances and there are cards of different rarity whose presence in the game significantly changes the battles. In addition, each player can have a champion with a special ability, representing the general of their army.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of tactics at the base, but obtaining territory allows you to build turrets - which obviously bring great strategic advantages - and it is possible - apparently - to upgrade your champions with special cards that improve them the skills. In short, there is a fairly definite progression for those who decide to dedicate a lot of time to battles.

Many planets, even more currencies

Lego Star Wars Battles: some maps have different characteristics from the basic ones The title is for Apple devices, as mentioned, and therefore cannot contain in app purchases. However, Lego Star Wars Battles retains a fairly inordinate number of currencies, which are obtained through the completion of objectives and battles. There are, for example, two differentiated values ​​that indicate your belonging to the dark or light side of the Force (according to the cards used), gems that represent the main currency for purchasing cards, coins, and experience points.

Everything is achieved by fighting normally, as it should be, or through monthly challenge events with curious variables that modify the experience (for example troops speeded up in specific areas of the map, or malus to certain units). The game also contains a season pass with objectives - always linked to obtaining resources - which varies from season to season, and it is quite clear how everything is linked to a rather slow and staid progression.

There really don't seem to be any monthly subscription or extra pay models, but if that's the choice, why keep a similar structure when it would have been easy to remove some of those limitations to offer a more experience elaborate and free in the development of its army? The impression is that TT Games has limited itself to re-proposing the title in its original form without adapting it too much. In other words, the developers have in no way attempted to remove the limitations of its nature.

If nothing else, the game's look is remarkable for a mobile title, aided by the allure of LEGO and a robe clean and functional graphics, well above the average of what is around. If you are a fan of the "genre", it could be enough added value to arouse some interest in the title.

Having escaped cancellation, LEGO Star Wars battles returns for all fans of Clash-inspired titles Royale. The graphics and the brand behind it certainly help, but will they be enough to decree the success of a product that carries with it such a limited internal progression? Honestly, there was the potential to do something different this time around, but it doesn't seem to have been grasped. Who knows that over time things will not evolve beyond our expectations.


Functional formula that many still appreciate LEGO and Star Wars are two very strong brands DOUBTS Old structure with a rather progression slow at the base This is certainly not a particularly original product. Have you noticed any errors?

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