Lost Ark: date and time of preload and server opening

Lost Ark: date and time of preload and server opening

Lost Ark

A few days after the launch of Lost Ark, Amazon Games and Smilegate have announced the details on the preload of the game client, the date and time of the start of the early access and the global launch, as well as the list of available servers.

The Lost Ark preload will be available starting Monday 7 February at 6:00 pm Italian time for all users. There will be no option to create your own character in advance or register a username, operations that will only be possible with the start of early access, for those who have purchased a Founder's Pack, or directly when the servers are open for everyone. .

Anyone who has purchased a Founder's Pack (they offer a range of content and bonuses, ranging from Bronze to Platinum, starting at € 14.99) will be able to start playing early. Early Access will begin on Tuesday, February 8 at 6pm, which is three days before global launch.

Finally, the Lost Ark servers will be available for free to everyone starting Friday February 11 at 6pm .

Lost Ark Starting February 8, the following Central European servers will be available:

Neria Kadan Trixion Calvasus Thirain Zinnervale Auction Wei Slen

How to reports MMO.it, Neria could be one of the reference servers for the Italian community.

Lost Ark is an action RPG MMO that in some ways recalls Diablo. In addition to the missions that can be tackled alone, there is no shortage of raids to play with friends or other users and PvP battles. If you want to know more, Smilegate recently released a gameplay trailer that presents the main features of the game, while on our pages you can find the tried and tested of the Lost Ark technical beta.

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Lost Ark server list, launch time, and preload details revealed

In the January Team Update, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games shared a lot of exciting details about what content will be available in Lost Ark at launch. The team said more details would follow next week. Apparently, they couldn’t wait that long because a bunch of information just released. The launch details blog post has a list of all the Lost Ark servers available at launch, the exact time players can start playing, server reset times, and details on how and when to preload the game.

First things first, players who purchased a Founder’s Pack will receive a three-day head start. They will be able to start playing on Tuesday, February 8 at 12 PM ET. If you don’t pre-purchase a Founder’s Pack, you can purchase one at any time during the three-day head start to gain immediate access to Lost Ark. Those who don’t purchase a Founder’s Pack will be able to start playing on Friday, February 11 at 12 PM ET.

Everyone, whether you own a Founder’s Pack or not, will be able to preload Lost Ark from February 7 at 12 PM ET. However, you will not be able to create characters until launch. Presumably, this means that players with a head start will be more likely to get the names they want for their characters.

The Lost Ark team also released a server list for all the planned options at launch in each region. However, the blog post does mention that more may be added if population levels get high enough. At launch, there will be four regions, EU Central, US East, US West, and SA East. Players in Oceania will be able to access the game, but they will not have their own server. EU Central will have nine servers. US East will have seven, with US West getting only there. And South America will have two servers.

The final detail revealed in the Lost Ark launch details post is the server reset times. Each region will have its own timings. So, US servers will reset some hours after EU ones. Server resets will take place at 1 AM ET (or 2 AM ET if Daylight Saving is in effect).

Lost Ark Server List

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