Cordless electric brooms | The best of 2022

Cordless electric brooms | The best of 2022

UPDATE 31/01/2022: we have replaced a series of cordless electric brooms with the respective latest generation models.

The cordless electric broom is the best home appliance you can buy. Small, light, versatile and in recent years also so powerful that you won't regret a normal vacuum cleaner. Dyson was ahead of the trend with its electric brooms, today reached the top with the Dyson V15 Detect, but the other companies did not stand by and today the market offers a plethora of more or less valid alternatives, sometimes cheaper, others even more expensive.

So here is a mini-guide designed to facilitate the choice of which is the best electric broom for your needs. Whether you need to clean a parquet, a terracotta floor, a marble floor or large carpets, you will find at least one alternative that is right for you.

It is difficult not to succumb to the charm of an appliance such as an electric broom. It takes up little space and is wireless, which allows you to use it for every corner of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom, passing through the bathroom and ending with the living room. So here are the best models you can buy right now.

The best cordless electric brooms

Rowenta RH6921 Proscenic P11 Rowenta RH9878 XForce Flex Shark IZ251EU Roborock H6 Bosh Unlimited Serie 8 Bissel CrossWave X7 2955N Dyson V15 Detect

Rowenta RH6921

As usual, let's start this guide with one of the cheapest solutions (on offer among other things during our writing), namely the Rowenta RH6921, currently offered at a price just over € 100.00. A simple and thorough broom with a multi-surface brush equipped with LED lighting to locate dirt more easily. The integrated battery is removable and easily replaceable by the user and offers sufficient power to remove small crumbs even from carpets, with a maximum autonomy of 45 minutes. Available with different types of accessories, it is a product that boasts noteworthy features for the price. In addition, its low weight makes it easy to transport and use during cleaning.

Proscenic P11

Proscenic P11 is a of the best cordless electric brooms in the range around 200 euros. The electric broom of the Chinese company can rely on a powerful cyclonic suction and a power of 25,000 Pa and four suction modes. In the back there is a practical LCD display equipped with Touch with which to select the most suitable one for the surface being cleaned. The package includes a multi-surface brush, an upholstery brush and various accessories and spouts that allow you to vacuum dust even from the most remote corners. The removable battery allows you to have an autonomy of 53 minutes.

Rowenta RH9958 XForce Flex

Moving on, we find a another Rowenta model, namely the Rowenta RH9958 XForce Flex. Unlike the previous model, this one hides enormous versatility inside. The handle is in fact articulated, so as to be able to reach the surfaces under furniture and sofas without having to bend down, while the motor and tank can be unhooked so that they can be used separately to vacuum crumbs, dust and much more. A versatile and very powerful electric broom also suitable for those who have pets at home thanks to the large brush and the numerous accessories supplied.

Shark IZ251EU

Also this model of Shark stands out from the Dyson-like design with a particular body and a very large motorized head. The suction tube has a central joint which, just like the Rowenta, allows you to reach the most hidden points without bending, thus avoiding prolonged unnatural postures. On the brush there are a series of LEDs that allow you to easily identify dirt and debris, while the effective brush also captures animal hair without any difficulty. Particularly effective on carpets and floors, thanks to the ability to adapt the rotation to the different surfaces it encounters. Autonomy reaches 80 minutes, so it can also be used in larger apartments.

Roborock H7

Roborock H7 is the economical alternative to Dyson. Power and ergonomics of use are fully comparable even if there are some flaws in terms of construction quality. To its advantage, however, there is a very competitive price of just over € 300, much lower than the top-of-the-range Dyson. A light and easily maneuverable cordless electric broom that allows you to thoroughly clean any surface, thanks to a powerful 480 Watt brushless motor. The package also provides various accessories and brushes to increase their effectiveness, which you can hang anywhere thanks to the present of integrated magnets.

Bosh Unlimited Series 8

If you are a DIY lover and have several battery-powered Bosh devices, the Unlimited Series 8 electric broom is the appliance you should buy. In fact, the package includes two batteries compatible with other company devices and easily interchangeable, in order to have practically infinite autonomy. Each battery offers up to 40 minutes of cleaning and recharges in just 60 minutes. The cartridge filter allows you to capture even the smallest grains of dust and the noise of only 76db allows you to use it even in apartments and condominiums.

Bissel CrossWave X7 2955N

The Bissel CrossWave X7 2955N is one of the best alternatives to the top of the Dyson range. Specially designed for those who have pets at home, it boasts a powerful brush capable of vacuuming, washing and drying in a single pass. In this regard, this appliance has a double tank with the aim of separating clean water from dirty water, for always optimal cleaning. In addition, this specific model has a self-cleaning system, which will allow you to clean it very easily. A high-level and truly complete product, one of the few to guarantee a deep cleaning of the house both in terms of vacuuming and washing.

Dyson V15 Detect

The Dyson V15 Detect is the top of the range of reference as regards electric brooms that replace traditional vacuum cleaners, so much so that it convinced Dyson to abandon the development of trailed vacuum cleaners. An innovative, powerful product with an LCD display that displays information such as suction power, residual autonomy and much more. This model allows you to clean dirt in any situation, offers great autonomy and excellent ergonomics of use. There is no need to add more, since, as mentioned, we are facing the absolute top, ideal for those who do not want to have compromises of any kind.

How to choose the electric broom

As mentioned in the initial stages, the electric broom is the most important household appliance for the daily cleaning of our home but, like all appliances, particular attention must be paid to several factors first to conclude the purchase. Although with this article we have facilitated much of the work, listing the best models currently on the market, we believe it is worthwhile to bring you the salient points to take into consideration when choosing an electric broom, allowing you in the future to be able to understand quickly whether a specific model is valid or not.

Suction power

The first thing to evaluate while deciding to buy an article of this category is the suction power. A weak vacuum cleaner, in fact, will be able to remove most of the dirt from the floor, but will leave the finest dust and grains on the ground, as well as being practically useless if used on a carpet, a material that usually puts a strain on any model. . To understand whether or not a particular vacuum cleaner has sufficient power to meet your needs, it is necessary to read, where possible, the characteristics of the battery, since the power comes from the latter, since we are talking about wireless devices.
Unfortunately, the information from the cordless electric brooms does not report detailed specifications about it, but merely indicates the voltage which, fortunately, is a very important factor in understanding what type of battery we are dealing with. In simple terms, a voltage of 14V should be sufficient to vacuum up most of the dirt, but if the goal is to remove even the finest dust, then it would be better to go for a model with a higher voltage.


Having established that power is the first factor to be evaluated, it is time to investigate the structure of the electric broom. In fact, there are not only models designed to remove dirt from all kinds of floors, but also those capable of cleaning the most difficult areas of the house, such as furniture, sofas and the interior of your car. This is possible with the models that boast the possibility of removing the long suction tube with the relative front brush, transforming the vacuum cleaner into a portable device, to which you can add / replace the accessories that in this case certainly will not be missing and that very often they are included in the box.


Power isn't everything without a good dose of technology. Although aesthetically the electric brooms may all look the same, advanced technologies could be hidden inside with the aim of fully exploiting all the power enjoyed by the vacuum cleaner, not to mention the presence of filters, essential for not sending dust into the air. collection due to air exhaust. To prevent this from happening, an electric broom should have at least 3 filters. Fortunately, the vast majority of models are equipped with it, with the difference that the high-end solutions could be equipped with filters capable of retaining the finest dust inside them, without the latter returning to the air as mentioned above. br>
In this regard, the HEPA filter is certainly the most suitable but, although numerous vacuum cleaners indicate the presence of the aforementioned filter, in many cases, especially in entry level solutions, it is a type of filter that does not correspond to the specifications of a real HEPA filter, since the latter, to be truly efficient, should be accompanied with the label “13” or “14” which indicates its quality. If we are faced with values ​​such as "HEPA 10" or "HEPA 11" it means that the dust particles will not be completely retained by the electric broom.

Weight and maneuverability

Despite the Cordless electric brooms tend to have a lower weight than traditional corded models, some solutions can take up a lot of space due to the sophisticated structure, making it a bit bulky and uncomfortable to use every day. And that is why a cordless electric broom should have a weight that does not compromise ease of use. Basically, this type of appliance should be comfortable to use with one hand and without the arm having to exert too much pressure.

Usually, the structure and flexibility of the front brush play an important role in this regard, especially when you need to clean under or around furniture. We therefore suggest to rely on an electric broom with a flexible brush, so that you can count on greater versatility and targeted cleaning.


The autonomy of an electric broom without wires is of enormous importance, since it could help you to thoroughly clean multiple floors without having to resort to the charger. Usually, the entry level models have an autonomy of about 30 minutes, sufficient to clean an entire apartment but insufficient for those who do not intend to recharge the appliance before each pass. If you fall within the latter, we recommend evaluating vacuum cleaners that ensure continuous cleaning longer than the classic 30 minutes. However, the more sophisticated models rarely exceed 60 minutes of continuous use, in order to avoid that the weight of the battery compromises the ease of use of the product.

The autonomy is then influenced by how the electric broom is used and, in particular, from the set mode. Most of the models, in fact, will allow you to choose different suction powers. If you have to clean a smooth and hard floor, it is logical to set the power to minimum to save precious minutes of autonomy, increasing the power only if you have to clean the most difficult surfaces such as carpets and sofas.

Cordless electric brooms they are charged via a docking station, while some solutions allow you to recharge the battery externally from the broom. It can take several hours to recharge a vacuum cleaner, so being aware of the exact battery life will help you make the most of the running time.

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