macOS 12.3, possible compatibility issues with Dropbox and OneDrive

macOS 12.3, possible compatibility issues with Dropbox and OneDrive

macOS 12.3

If on your Mac you usually use cloud storage via Dropbox or OneDrive, the new macOS 12.3 version might give you some trouble. Among the release notes, Apple announces the removal of a kernel extension used by both services for downloading files on demand.

This will cause problems with files marked as "online only", one macOS feature that allows you to save disk space by keeping files in the cloud, without downloading anything to your device.

Generic photos Apple itself claims that both Dropbox and OneDrive have their corrections ready in beta. Meanwhile, both Microsoft and Dropbox began alerting users of the issue even before the beta version of macOS 12.3 was available.

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In the meantime macOS 12.3 is now close to release, after having introduced new features and released various fixes and optimizations, Apple has already made the Release Candidate available for developers and beta testers, a sign that the new update may be available in a few weeks.

Among the most important innovations we find support for the adaptive feedback of the PS5 Dual Sense triggers, improved screen recording, new features on Apple Pay and authentication on websites and apps. The pending Universal Control feature is also introduced, which allows you to use an Apple mouse, trackpad or keyboard to control another Mac or iPad nearby. The Cupertino-based company originally planned to release the feature as early as macOS 12 last fall, postponing the launch to this spring for all Apple users.

Apple Finally Removing Python 2 in macOS 12.3

Apple will no longer bundle Python 2.7 with macOS 12.3, according to developer release notes for the upcoming software update. Python 2 has not been supported since January 1, 2020 and no longer receives any bug fixes, security patches, or other changes.

macOS Monterey PythonApple says that developers should use an alternative programming language instead, such as Python 3, but it's worth noting that Python 3 also does not come preinstalled on macOS. Developers can run the stub /usr/bin/python3 in Terminal, but it prompts users to install Xcode developer tools, which includes Python 3.

Apple warned that future versions of macOS would not include Python 2.7 in macOS Catalina's developer release notes back in 2019. At the time, Apple said Python 2.7 was included in macOS for compatibility with legacy software.

'If your software depends on scripting languages, it's recommended that you bundle the runtime within the app,' said Apple.

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