God Of War PC, all there is to know

God Of War PC, all there is to know

God Of War PC

For "PCists", the imminent arrival of God Of War on Steam and Epic Game Store is an epochal event because for the first time one of Sony's most iconic names is converted for a platform other than PlayStation (to be picky there would be also God of War: Betrayal, a two-dimensional action game released for mobile a lifetime ago). Over the last few months, the Japanese house has gradually opened up to the world of personal computers, dropping the exclusive veto on Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Death Stranding and the new policy is destined to continue with other pearls of the recent past such as the last two episodes of Uncharted, which is expected to be released later this year.

Nevertheless, we cannot fail to highlight the importance of this release, given that we are talking about the game which, from the top of its nearly twenty million copies, is by far the best-selling videogame for PlayStation 4. So much to give a yardstick the super acclaimed The Last Of Us - Part II has only reached one fifth of the numbers of God Of War.

The PC version

System requirements How to prepare best to welcome Kratos on the monitors of our beloved home systems? First of all by reading our review of God of War for PC and then acquiring good hardware. Of course, if you settle for a prehistoric HD-Ready with a minimum level of detail, you will need an old Intel Core i5-2500k paired with a GeForce GTX 960.

The recommended requirements for a FullHD at 30 frames per second see instead a Ryzen 5 2400 G with a Radeon RX 570, while to fly at 60 FPS in the sumptuous 4K resolution you have to buckle up: you need a Core i9 -9900k or a Ryzen 9 3950X paired with a top-of-the-line video card from AMD or NVIDIA. Those who own a "green" GPU will then be pleased to know that, despite the distance, the houses of Santa Clara and Santa Monica have worked hand in hand to implement DLSS (but AMD's FSR is also natively supported), and the NVIDIA Reflex, Ampere's exclusive technology that allows you to reduce input lag.

The actual conversion has been entrusted to Jetpack Interactive, a Canadian software house already known in the PC field for having taken care of the porting of the Dark Souls series. In addition to native 4K support and an unlimited frame rate, this version of God Of War will also be able to count on GTAO and SSDO technologies which, without getting into technicalities, will improve shadows and reflections.

Support for Ultra monitors confirmed. Wide (21: 9), let's move on to a crucial aspect for every game that goes the console-to-PC road, namely the control system. Sure couch gamers will be feeling bad at the idea that the title can be controlled by the mouse and keyboard pairing (with all keys reprogrammable), but they will be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that both the DualShock 4 and the DualSense, as well as all Windows-compatible gamepads, such as Xbox controllers.

A brief recap

Kratos and the giant monsters, a seventeen-year-long love story The details cleared technicians it may be useful to make a small summary of the saga. This God Of War is the eighth chapter of a series consisting of four main episodes and as many supporting titles made not only by the main developer Santa Monica. It is therefore not a remake / remake of the homonymous progenitor originally released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, but more precisely the beginning of a new epic that sees the protagonist Kratos abandon Greek mythology by embracing the Norse one and which will expand in a few months. with the release of God of War Ragnarok (which should remain exclusive to Sony consoles, despite some rumors). Having said that, it is enough to know that the protagonist is a Spartan leader who, after being defeated, votes in Ares to take revenge for the shame he has suffered, becoming a real scourge of god.

Clearly it is not necessary to have played the previous episodes to understand the plot of this God of War, although there are references that only long-time fans will be able to grasp and appreciate. Indeed, the fact that this chapter is the beginning of a new trilogy can only be a point in favor for those who have never approached the PlayStation chapters.

From the point of view of the game structure we are talking about an action / hack and slash with the camera placed on the protagonist's right shoulder. The fulcrum of the action are the fights, made spectacular by spectacular combos, but at the same time there is no lack of exploration phases in which it is necessary to solve some environmental puzzles, accept secondary quests and collect objects scattered around the game world with which to enhance your arsenal. The maximum level of spectacularity is reached during the clashes with the (rare) bosses where there is no lack of macabre and gory details that contribute to making it recommended for an underage audience. It takes an average of twenty hours to complete the title, a value that increases by 50% for those who also want to explore the secondary missions and stands at around fifty hours for the so-called completists.

Price and release date

I split you in two (literally) The game is offered for 49.99 euros on Steam and Epic Game Store, a much higher price even than the deluxe version (now even on offer) on the PlayStation Store. For PC there is a single edition that also includes a series of skins that, at the time of the debut, was reserved only for buyers of the very first hour.

Starting January 14th the title will be executable.

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