The best mods of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC

The best mods of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC

The arrival of a game on PC is always an exciting time. Not only because fans will have the opportunity to spend many hours of fun in front of their monitor, but also and above all because the PC version, compared to the console or mobile version, in addition to being (often) the best technically, most of the times offers something more: mods created by players. The same is happening with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, available on PC from December 16, 2021, after the arrival of the PS4 and PS5 version.

In this article we want to offer you a list of the best mods of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC, divided into three macro-categories:

Technical improvements Graphic changes Gameplay alterations

Before seeing all the details on what is currently possible through the mods of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, we leave you with a note: mods are obviously not made with developer support and are not fully tested on every configuration. It is possible, therefore, that some of these jobs are not compatible with your PC and eventually cause problems for the game.

In other words, install mods at your own risk.

Technical improvements

Jessie from Final Fantasy 7 Remake Let's start by discussing the elephant in the room. Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC has some glitches. Surely the development team is working to improve the situation, but in the meantime the players could find themselves in an imperfect game, with limited performance and above all meager customization options.

Fortunately, the modders have put themselves at work and we can already offer you a triptych of mods that improve some technical details of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Let's start with "Stutter-free Seamless Gameplay", which promises to eliminate the graphical "clicks" that players experience during gameplay. This mod, precisely, is concerned with optimizing the way textures and game levels are loaded. The bottom line is that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will send out all data gradually, over the course of multiple frames, which should alleviate or even eliminate stutter issues. The steps to install this mod are many and require the use of other software, which are however all indicated on the page of this mod, with a very clear guide.

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Our second proposal is "Fix Lag or Freeze in CG Movies (ENG and JAP)". This mod allows us to see all the Final Fantasy 7 Remake movies without suffering any kind of lag or block. Initially the mod had a graphic problem, which showed videos with dull colors, but the modder has now solved it. Essentially, this modification changes the cutscenes and proposes them at 29.9 FPS, instead of the 59.9 FPS of the original ones. As indicated on the Nexusmods page, we advise you not to delete the original movies, but to extract them and save them in a folder, so that you can return to the original version of the game without having to delete and reinstall it. The mod works for both English and Japanese dubbing, but the latter still needs the English files, so always install the whole package.

Finally, our third proposal for this category is the mod " Dynamic Resolution Disabler ". As it is easy to guess from the name, this change disables the dynamic resolution of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC. In fact, you should know that the game, in order to get as close as possible to the target performance, continuously changes the screen resolution. If that bothers you, then you can use this mod. As written in the description, however, the mod is partly obsolete: you can in fact avoid installing it and go directly through FFVIIHook, which allows you to create your INI files. But if you don't want to deal with it yourself, you can simply use this mod.

Graphic modifications

Tifa's Wutai-style costume in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a graphic game incredible, with top-notch art direction, but that doesn't mean a few minor graphics tweaks aren't useful.

Speaking of the GUI, Final Fantasy 7 Remake can be a bit heavy with a hefty amount of graphics. '' on-screen indicators, to which the numbers of damage inflicted on enemies, the objective pointer, the compass, the minimap and more are added. With the "Minimal HUD" mod all this is removed. However, the controls for interacting with the environment will remain, because otherwise it would be impossible to complete the "Hold Triangle / Y" sections. In your first game we do not recommend using this mod, but if you have played the adventure several times and you know it by heart, you can enjoy a "cleaner" version of the graphics.

To this mod, we add them all. those of the unique clothes of Cloud, Tifa and Aerith. There are some modifications on Nexusmods that create original costumes or change the colors of those present in the game. Our advice, however, is to take advantage of the mods to enjoy (in new games, not the first one) those clothes that Cloud, Tifa and Aerith use only for a short moment in the chapter of the Walled Market: Square Enix has worked enormously in making these costumes. , so why waste it on a few minutes scene? You can choose your favorites for the three characters thanks to the multiple mods of AdventurerAdolChristin, on Nexusmods.

Gameplay alterations

Buffed Star Bracelet We have for now talked about mods that modify the side game graphics, both technically and aesthetically. Mods, however, give their best when they affect the game, its mechanics and gameplay options.

The first one we propose is the simple but useful "Buffed Star Bracelet". This Final Fantasy 7 Remake gear now includes eight Materia slots and grants various stat boosts. The mod includes multiple versions of the equipment, which give bonuses of various types. For example, you can only increase the defense, or all the statistics. You can improve the characters by only a few points, or you can reach the maximum values ​​and practically become immortal.

Another suggestion is "Equipment Rebalance - Increased Materia Slots" which goes to modify weapons and armor of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The weapons will have an additional independent Materia slot and all pairs of slots will be connected (to make better use of the Materia with combo effects). Armor has more slots, at least an extra pair, also connected. The armor will also provide more defense, so as to make more complex fights a little easier. The weapons have also undergone some minor changes. The nice thing is that this mod also offers two alternative versions: one allows you to introduce only more slots for the Materia, for anyone who believes that the statistics of the base game are perfect as they are, while a second allows you to decrease the damage inflicted as well. to increase the difficulty, for anyone who thinks the game is a little too simple.

The next two mods are especially designed for those who have already finished the adventure on console and want to switch to the PC version. For many, the idea of ​​starting over could be boring, knowing that you have a full game file on your PlayStation 4 and PS5. Well, do not despair, because thanks to some modders you can access a full version of the game right away.

Specifically, we are talking about "100 Percent Descrypted PS4 Save (Base Game)", a mod that has extracted the game file on PS4 and made it compatible with the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In this file the characters are level 50, all weapons are fully upgraded, all Colosseum battles and VR missions are completed, all enemies have been encountered and analyzed. Then there are all the weapons, armor and accessories, all the Materia upgraded to the maximum and a copy of each item. In addition, the Hard mode has been completed and the chapter selector is available, so that you can play every part of the game in freedom.

Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission Similarly, is available "Intermission DLC 100 Percent Save File ", which is a save file that contains everything that can be obtained in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade DLC, including the enhanced Materia. Again, it is possible to play with the enhanced characters and thus advance more easily and without worrying about missing something.

Finally, we conclude with a mod that, we admit, is not perfect, but also for this it is very interesting. Let's talk about the "Hard Mode with Starting Stats and Gear Save". First of all, this mod is for playing hard right out of the box, but it solves an issue with other similar mods that prevented you from getting Ifrit's Invocation Matter and one of Cloud's weapons. Precisely, this mod gives us a level 1 character and a lot of Materia more than normal, including three Materia that increase the bar of the three-slot ATB, so as to balance the game. You also get all the weapons right away. Our advice is to use this mod in conjunction with "Equipment Rebalance - Increased Materia Slots" to balance the game and play Hard, enjoying the challenge but at the same time decreasing the risk of getting stuck. Level up is also quite fast, so at worst some grinding will be required in the early stages.

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