Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier: emergency maintenance, there are too many players

Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier: emergency maintenance, there are too many players

Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier

Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier, Square Enix's new battle royale for mobile devices, was made available today. The launch went well, apparently too well, as the company had to activate - around 2:00 pm today, November 17 - an emergency maintenance to help the servers cope with the load of players.

As announced via Twitter, at the time of writing it is possible to access the game or, more precisely, the character customization menus, the tutorial and other functions not related to the battles. The actual game, however, is still locked for maintenance. We don't know when Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier will be available again.

We specify that for the moment the problem, at least at an official level, seems solely linked to the high number of players trying to access Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier. There should therefore be no serious problems with the game and the whole thing should then work out.

It is not strange that oriental mobile games start with a tight gear, since it is difficult to predict the exact number of users who will connect. From Square Enix's point of view, probably, these results are positive, as they mean the battle royale has attracted more attention than expected. Tell us, does Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier intrigue you or is it far from your taste?

Speaking instead of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, here are pictures and details on the fights.

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Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Release Time, Server Login Issues

Square Enix is launching the first brand new game project related to Final Fantasy VII since the release of FF7R, a multiplayer battle royale titled The First Soldier, here is when the game releases and how to preinstall.

Free-to-play multiplayer games and especially shooters, battle royales, and asymmetrical co-op games are incredibly popular in Japan. Many Japanese games fans outside Japan tend to forget that the majority of Japanese games are niche in Japan as well. Japanese players are all about Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, Identity V, Among Us, or Minecraft.

Obviously, Square Enix decided to try its chance at the battle royale genre as well. By reutilizing assets from Final Fantasy VII Remake as we wait for Part 2. And thus The First Soldier was born, both at Shinra’s labs and at Square Enix HQ in Shinjuku.

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    Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, when will servers be live, release time

    The Japanese Twitter account for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier revealed the servers will be launching at 3 AM EST / midnight PST. Click here for a countdown.

    Keep in mind this is a big launch, so it’s very likely servers will get congested and you won’t be able to play right away. As of now though, looking at the game’s reception so far, The First Solider has a much better chance of making it big in Japan and Asia compared to the rest of the world. Most Final Fantasy fans in Europe and the US are still biased against mobile games as well.


    How to preinstall FF7FS

    Grab your phone or your Android emulator and go to the Google Play page or the App Store page of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, and click download the game.

    I’ll be trying out FF7FS myself and try to see what’s the game’s worth. I just hope servers won’t be region-locked so I can easily play with Japanese players.

    FF7FS Server login issues (update)

    As expected, The First Soldier was just launched, and several players can’t go past the Tutorial, the servers are unstable due to the huge amount of players who try to login. The problem should hopefully be fixed in a few hours. Update: An emergency maintenance has been announced to solve the issue.

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