Xbox Series X | S: Microsoft will not eliminate developer mode, official denial

Xbox Series X | S: Microsoft will not eliminate developer mode, official denial

Xbox Series X | S

Following yesterday's rumors about Microsoft's possible willingness to permanently remove or disable the developer mode present in Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, the company wanted to deny that there is this will: the wave of deactivations has occurred. due to normal system maintenance and, in some cases, it may have been an error that will be fixed shortly.

Jason Ronald, the designer in charge of the Xbox Series project, spoke directly to explain the matter X | S, who wanted to clarify the matter: "We have no plans to remove or disable developer mode on Xbox consoles. We continue to believe and support a thriving community of indie app and game developers on Xbox," Ronald said.

The cancellation of some accounts would appear to be due to a simple maintenance operation, which deactivated those accounts that had been inactive for some time, but it seems that the total deactivation was the result of an error: "As part of a Scheduled and periodic maintenance on the removal of inactive accounts, a number of Partner Center accounts used to enable developer mode on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S have been inadvertently disabled, "explained the designer of the new Microsoft consoles.

"We are actively working to identify and reactivate developer mode on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, if your account has been inadvertently deactivated and you want to expedite the reactivation process, please contact We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working to remedy this as soon as possible, thanks for your patience ".

Indeed, various testimonials from users who had found themselves with their account deactivated also noticed a reactivation a short distance away. The fear on the possible total deactivation of the Xbox developer mode started yesterday especially from the YouTube channel ModernVintageGaming which had previously dealt with the issue of this Xbox mode in connection with the use of emulators. Microsoft's initiative could seem like a threat to emulation on the console even if the question still had some rather dubious sides: the developer mode normally presupposes the use of the console to develop games or apps, so it is also quite normal that this be deactivated if it is clear that it is not used.

On the other hand, emulators like RetroArch and the like still work even with the console set in standard retail mode, so much of the alarmism about the impossibility of using emulators were however unwarranted, although it is always possible that these could be removed in the future, given the gray area they move in based on their use.

Have you noticed any errors?

Xbox Series X | S

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