How to get all the Pokémon in the Garden Trophy of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

How to get all the Pokémon in the Garden Trophy of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

In this Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl guide we will explain everything you need to know about the Trophy Garden and how to catch the rare Pokémon that appear in this peculiar area.

The Trophy Garden is an area located on the back of the Pokémon Mansion, on Route 212. Here you will initially encounter creatures native to Sinnoh, but later rare Pokémon from other regions will also appear. Among these are also "baby Pokémon" like Cleffa and Eevee.

The Trophy Garden and the “Pokémon of the day”

The Trophy Garden of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl To catch the rare Pokémon of the Trophy Garden you will have to obtain the National Pokédex from Professor Oak in Sandfine. This means you need to register all of Sinnoh's Pokémon first, which takes time, but isn't a particularly complicated undertaking. For more details we recommend that you read our guides on how to complete the Sinnoh Pokédex and how to obtain the National Pokédex in Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Head to the Pokémon Villa, located on Route 212. The Trophy Garden it is located in the back of the residence. It is a small area with tall grass where, once you have obtained the National Pokédex, in addition to the standard Pokémon, including Pikachu and Pichu, you will also encounter a different rare Pokémon every day.

To understand what it is. the "Pokémon of the day" you just need to talk to the owner of the Pokémon Villa, Mr. Granlotto, who is inside the residence. Answering "yes" to the question he asks you, this rich man will boast of the fact that a certain rare Pokémon has appeared in his garden, which is precisely the one you will meet on that particular day. The order in which new creatures will appear in the Trophy Garden each day is not random, but rather follows the numbering of the National Pokédex.

Here are all the rare Pokémon you can catch in the Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl Trophy Garden:

# 35 - Clefairy # 39 - Jigglypuff # 52 - Meowth # 97 - Chansey # 133 - Eevee # 137 - Porygon # 173 - Cleffa # 174 - Igglybuff # 183 - Marill # 298 - Azurill # 311 - Plusle # 312 - Minun # 351 - Castform # 438 - Bonsly # 439 - Mime Jr. # 440 - Happiny

Keep in mind that in addition to the Pokémon mentioned by Mr. Greatlotto in the Trophy Garden, the one from the day before will also appear. For example, if the Pokémon indicated is Porygon, you may also encounter Eevee specimens. Since the chances of encountering the daily rare Pokémon from the Garden Trophy are only 5%, we recommend that you use Repellents. This way you will avoid facing the most common creatures, which will save you a lot of precious time.

Some of the Pokémon in the Trophy Garden can also be obtained through breeding or in the Great Dungeons, however, as the order with which they appear is not accidental, we might as well get into the good habit of visiting Mr. Granlotto every day.

Small curiosity: in reality, rare Pokémon do not appear in the Trophy Garden by chance, but rather are imported from around the world from the butler of the Pokémon Villa, who every day indulges the lies of the vain Mr. Granlotto.

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