Nintendo eShop: the best of Christmas discounts and some gift ideas for latecomers!

Nintendo eShop: the best of Christmas discounts and some gift ideas for latecomers!

Nintendo eShop

There are two types of people: those who buy all the Christmas gifts on Black Friday and those who still find themselves on Christmas Eve, and beyond, without having done anything. If you belong to the second category of people, you know very well that gift cards are always a perfect lifesaver: easy to wrap, space-saving, in short, a welcome present. After all, it is the evolution of the famous "envelope" that relatives gave us, but with a little more style.

So if you have decided to give a Nintendo Switch owner a gift card (go said, you could also be the recipient of this gift ... at Christmas we are all more indulgent, even with ourselves!), today we suggest some games to accompany the purchase of the card. Also because, this money must be spent in one way or another, right?

Better if you bother with titles thanks to Nintendo eShop Christmas discounts!

Games of 2021

Hot Wheels Unleashed: fun, arcade and suitable for everyone First what we take a look at the titles released in 2021 and which are already included in the discounts. This, mind you, is not a bad thing: the most mischievous might think that they are already on sale because they are not so commendable, but we will make you think again with the quality of the selection.

Let's start with a local title that has met with some success and that is also configured as a perfect game for Christmas, capable of gathering young and old around the console. Hot Wheels Unleashed (€ 34.99 discounted by 30%), developed by Milestone, is an excellent racing game and the million copies sold since its launch this fall prove it: colorful, arcade, challenging and complete with modes that allows us to indulge ourselves with the creation of customized tracks ... because those who have played with Hot Wheels know that half the fun is building the tracks! Perfect for non-binding games during the holidays, it also features a very low PEGI (+3) perfect for the children of the house.

Boyfriend Dungeon is an engaging and inclusive adventure Totally changing gender, let's move on to Boyfriend Dungeon (€ 13.59 discounted by 20%), an eccentric mix of visual novel, roguelike and dating sim. If you are looking for hard and demanding fights, the market probably offers much tougher roguelikes, but you will hardly find (with rare exceptions) a game released in 2021 that is inclusive and attentive to LGBTQ + themes such as Boyfriend Dungeon. As simple as it is, the characterization of the characters is successful and empathetic, while the dating element is treated with tact and good taste, despite the rather bizarre premises of the story!

Let's now move on to another game that was also released in 2021, which garnered an impressive number of positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights (€ 18.74 discounted by 25%) is a title that everyone agrees, given that it is an excellent metroidvania with a refined artistic taste and that makes the most of the 2D component. The combat system is interesting and accessible, but without getting bored after so many hours of play given the deep layering. The exploration of the environments, fulcrum of the reference genre, is satisfactory and well managed in the economy of the map. Compelling storyline and soundtrack perfectly in keeping with the game's medieval settings. In short: what are you waiting for?

Eastward is an excellent indie of this 2021 Another indie title particularly appreciated by the public this year is Eastward (€ 22.49 discounted by 10%). Featuring rich and colorful pixel art, Eastward is a lighthearted adventure but one that knows how to engage the player.

Defining it, as many have done, a Zelda-like RPG is technically correct, but it's a definition that fails to do it justice to the end, because Eastward knows how to be original in his own way, both on the narrative and gameplay side.

Fairytale and evocative, Greak: Memories of Azur will conquer you Ultimo, but not for importance, we recommend Greak: Memories of Azur (€ 11.99 40% discount). A fairytale adventure that draws from many different genres, a delightful patchwork of ideas that, together, create a varied and delightful title. A bit of action, a bit of platforming, a pinch of metroidvania and a few puzzle moments, all accompanied by a delicate and evocative artistic sector and a soundtrack of great atmosphere.

Games with sequel coming soon

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, to be recovered in view of Sparks of Hope With 2021 closing, we also turn a look towards a triptych of acclaimed games that will soon see the arrival of a sequel or expansion, and which therefore deserve to be recovered.

There are several things that we Italians are famous for abroad. One of these was the moment full of emotion during the presentation of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (€ 14.79 discounted by 63%), which in 2022 will continue the story of Mario and the crazy rabbits of Ubisoft with the sequel Sparks of Hope. Defined by many as Nintendo's X-Com, Kingdom Battle is a truly remarkable turn-based strategy game, but capable, thanks to the brilliant idea of ​​uniting the worlds of Mario and the Rabbids, to also attract those audiences who usually shy away from the genre. thinking it's too complicated or, even worse, boring. In anticipation of Sparks of Hope, seize the opportunity and grab this little gem.

Let's keep a certain thread of consistency going from Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle to Cuphead (€ 13.99 discounted by 30%), both share a fun and colorful aspect, and which hide behind smiling characters and beautiful hand drawings truly intense experiences. Cuphead has severely tested the nerves of many players: a platform created with as much care as it is wicked, which has managed to carve out its corner of success. In addition to the animated TV series produced by Netflix, the new DLC Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, which will introduce the new character of Ms. Chalice, is also expected. In the case of this DLC we are talking about a content that needs the basic version to be played, so the purchase of Cuphead is essential if you want to access the DLC!

We close with another particularly intense game, which unlike the two of the above does not in any way hide its brutal nature. Blasphemous (€ 6.24 discounted by 75%) is a challenging and visually striking metroidvania, despite the use of pixel art. Blasphemous in name and in fact given that the brilliant intuition of the Spanish development studio The Game Kitchen was to create a world that subverts and reinvents the Christian-Catholic imagery of the 14th century. Blasphemous has seen the release of three DLCs: The Stir of Dawn, Strife & Ruin and Wounds of Eventide, released on December 9th. The second chapter will arrive for 2023, so you have time to recover this gem ... but we advise you not to wait too long!

Bargains and must haves

Immortals: Fenyx Rising has some really beautiful glimpses Finally, we present another handful of offers that we believe it is a shame not to take advantage of, especially for those older titles that, in our opinion, should be played at least once.

Let's start with Immortals: Fenyx Rising (€ 23.99 discounted by 60%), Ubisoft's game has gone a bit unfairly on the sly and instead has a lot to offer. This is an open world adventure that has a bit of the flavor of Assassin's Creed, but which remains more concise, light and appreciable. A game without too many pretensions, but that knows how to amuse and entertain properly, then perfect in portable formula on Nintendo Switch. In addition to the substantial discount of the base game, you will also find a price cut for the season pass, which goes from € 39.99 to € 19.99.

Hyper Light Drifter is really a must have At the time of its release , Hyper Light Drifter (Special Edition at € 9.99 discounted by 50%) agreed, and to find out the reason obviously the advice is to play it. It is an action RPG adventure in which the blood of the great classics of the 16BIT era flows, and which in the version we are suggesting, implements some exclusive contents of this special edition.

Other acclaimed must have to do yours thanks to the Christmas discounts is Crypt of the NecroDancer (€ 3.99 discounted by 80%). If a game becomes famous enough to convince Nintendo that "yes, a spin off of the Zelda themed game is a good idea", and we are talking about Cadence of Hyrule, you too will understand that we are facing a very important title. Crypt of the NecroDancer is a unique and decidedly hardcore game.

The culinary challenges of Overcooked! 2 are really crazy Finally, we close with two titles that resemble each other in DNA, but differ in theme. Overcooked! 2 (€ 6.24 discounted by 75%) and Tools Up (€ 2.99 discounted by 85%) are two truly irresistible party games that offer moments belonging only to local cooperatives. In the first you will have to cooperate to create delicious dishes in crazy kitchens while in the second you will have to coordinate as best as possible to complete the best possible renovation!

The Christmas period offers for both games, in addition to the strong discount on the basic version, a reduction of the Season Pass for Overcooked 2 and the DLC of Tools Up, contents that expand the two adventures with levels and characters. We recommend them because they are excellent games to play with family and friends ... but we do not take responsibility for any personal relationships that are compromised!

Have you noticed any mistakes?

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