What will you play at Christmas?

What will you play at Christmas?

What will you play at Christmas? Maybe nothing, because some may even choose to spend the holidays with the family. But surely there will be others who will devote themselves to video games. After all, it is December 25th in the morning and if you are reading this news there will be a reason. Of course, the week before the most consumerist holiday of the year is poor in releases, so it is the right time to start disposing of the backlog accumulated in 2021, in anticipation of the releases in 2022.

Here it is impossible to put yourself to summarize everything that came out in the course of 2021 between consoles and PCs, so we don't even try. Looking at the latest and most relevant releases, we can advise you to play a little Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PC and PS5, perhaps while eating some artisanal panettone smeared with homemade pistachio cream (references to real facts and people are completely random). On PC it clicks a lot and the selling price is debatable, but otherwise it is a title that is worth trying.

If you like Pandoro more, on PC and Xbox Series X and S you can enjoy Halo Infinite, both in single player and in Multiplayer, while on Nintendo Switch there are Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl. Accompany it all with a little sparkling wine and you'll be good to go.

Finally, nougat enthusiasts (the first to make a double entender joke in the comments wins a life-size statue of Pianesani), can focus on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Psychonauts 2, which will satisfy the owners of almost all platforms. After all, someone has defined 2021 as the year of platformers. Let's make sense of this sentence.

However there is a lot more to catch up and play, so get busy. What are you going to play this Christmas?

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