What will you play this weekend?

What will you play this weekend?

What will you play this weekend? With a month of November that promises to be truly extraordinary in terms of releases and is now upon us, the question is not at all trivial.

You could in fact decide to dedicate yourself to the backlog, in a vain attempt to reduce its size first. to buy some of the most important games of the year, or maybe just these days one of the titles you've been waiting for has arrived in stores.

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, the protagonist of the game falls from a rope The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes (review here), for example: this is the last episode of the horror series developed by Supermassive Games, characterized by a setting different from the usual but by a widely tested formula.

As military officer Rachel King, we will have to try to save the men of our team, trapped in the rubble of an ancient Sumerian temple, through a sequence of quick time events and a system of choices and de cisions that will produce different endings.

Speaking of horror themes, Dying Light Platinum Edition for Nintendo Switch has also been released these days (review here), an excellent conversion of the Techland action survival in which we will have to explore a city besieged by zombies.

Counting on the acrobatic skills of the protagonist, expert in parkour, we will have to move from one roof to another, from one building to another, with the task of retrieving important documents. The only way to survive, however, will be to learn new techniques and build rudimentary but effective weapons against the undead.

Carrion, the monster faces a soldier with the flamethrower There is no two without three: let's talk more about horror with Carrion (review here), which debuts this week also on PS4 after having obtained excellent feedback on PC and Xbox One. The interesting thing about the game is that it puts us in the role of the villain, in this case a multiform alien creature that finds itself inside a research structure.

Within a metroidvania-style structure, we will therefore have to kill anyone who stands between us and an escape route, unlock new powers and thus access the advanced areas of the base, where we may perhaps find what we are looking for.

Discovery Tour: Viking Age, one of the protagonists speaks in front of his companions Not only horror and horror: if you own Assassin's Creed Valhalla (the review) you may have already downloaded Discovery Tour: Viking Age, the educational and non-violent adventure set in the 9th century between Norway and England.

Following the stories of two characters, a Viking merchant and an English friar, we will be able to discover many details about the habits and customs of those populations and the history of the places where they lived, by accessing an en rme a lot of information and development diaries illustrating the making of Valhalla.

So the material is not lacking: let us know what you will play this weekend!

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