Eurogamer Awards 2021: the best games of the year according to you - best action game

Eurogamer Awards 2021: the best games of the year according to you - best action game

Eurogamer Awards 2021

As every year, we are happy to have asked which were the best games that kept us company during 2021 for you. In this way we feel we are fixing over time the best videogame experiences that have made us live the most. exciting virtual adventures over the course of this year.

We will update this article in the coming days by publishing the results broken down by genres and you still have time to vote for your best games of the year by filling out this quick poll.

Best action game of 2021

There are always a lot of action games released during the year and 2021 certainly made no exceptions; which is why the competition in this category has once again been fierce.

Unlike the previous categories, winning the best action game award at the Eurogamer Awards 2021 is a novelty. We are obviously talking about It Takes Two which has rightfully won the hearts of over 23% of you readers thanks to its incredibly varied gameplay formula and touching and engaging story.

Even the direct competitor to the throne of best action game of 2021 is a novelty, namely Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, which has left a rather important mark here in the editorial office and which has obtained over 19% of the preferences.

The third place on the podium, with 14% of the votes, is instead up to a historical series that has an important place in our hearts: Metroid Dread, an adrenaline-pumping adventure that kept our editorial team attached to the console.

Best RPG of 2021

Let's get to the heart of this year's Eurogamer Awards with a category whose nominees have finally competed in a battle to the last vote!

Already for the previous categories we have noticed a certain fascination for the historical sagas that return, but in the case of the best role-playing game of 2021 the result is particularly striking. It is in fact Diablo II: Resurrected to take the first place: a timeless classic back in great shape that received over 25% of the preferences.

Confirming our theory, in second place we find the chapter of a another beloved Yakuza series: Like a Dragon, which with this new iteration that has upset the gameplay we were used to has convinced almost 22% of you readers.

Third place is also reserved for a long-standing Japanese series, we are talking about Tales of Arise which conquered over 17% of you, conquering a well deserved third place on the podium.

Best Shooter of 2021

After the landslide victory of Forza Horizon 5 as the best sportsman of 2021, Microsoft continues to grind awards during this edition of the Eurogamer Awards 2021! Now it's the turn of Halo Infinite, which is crowned best shooter of the year thanks to the preference of more than 57% of you readers!

A return in style for the Master Chief: the beloved Xbox icon who quests year has decided to return in great shape by bringing several innovations compared to what we had become accustomed to. News that you obviously appreciated!

A victory that is felt even more, considering that it leaves behind the exclusive PS5 Returnal, which wins the second place on the podium with just under 16% of votes , thus leaving only a few crumbs for the other candidates.

Best sports game of 2021

This year the race to win the title of best sports game was not on equal terms, as d 'moreover, it often happens when a new chapter in the Forza Horizon series comes out.

This year in particular, your opinion was practically unanimous: for over 80% of you Forza Horizon 5 deserves to be crowned best game sportsman of 2021 and the other competitors had to share crumbs so small that they didn't even deserve a place on the podium. Today Forza Horizon 5 is the undisputed king.

Best platform game of 2021

Among the platformers released this year, the battle was a bit more close, but not that much if 49% of you have chosen Psychonauts 2 as the best platform game of 2021: a return that we have been waiting for a long time and that has clearly met your expectations.

In second place you have chosen Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart : another very welcome return that has in a sense opened the technological dances on PlayStation 5. A little further back on the podium we find another exclusive, this time for Switch: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury which was chosen for by just over 12% of you.

Best strategic-management game of 2021

As for the category of best sports game of the year, also as regards the best strategic-management game of the 2021 the battle was uneven, even s and in this case also due to a substantial lack of competition.

To be crowned king of the strategists of 2021 is Age of Empires 4, which coincidentally is once again a highly anticipated return of a beloved series which the roots in the past. A return also in this case that has fully met the expectations of at least 83% of you who voted for it

We are waiting for you tomorrow to discover the winners who will sit on the podium of the best adventure game of 2021, but until then you still have time to express your choice by filling out this quick survey!

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