Rainbow Six Siege: 2021 of esports ends with the European League

Rainbow Six Siege: 2021 of esports ends with the European League

Rainbow Six Siege

Now in its sixth season, the European League final closes, as usual, the solar year of Rainbow Six Siege. The competitive year, on the other hand, will end on February 20, 2022, when the finals of the sixth Six Invitational will be played, the most coveted tournament of the Ubisoft tactical shooter esports circuit.

This must not, however, detract from the importance of the European League. This is to all intents and purposes the most important and coveted continental tournament, a sort of R6S Champions League in which all 10 strongest teams in Europe compete for a rich prize pool and above all for many valid points to directly access the Six Invitational. .

The Relegations

The European League logo After a long selection phase, which saw the teams compete in three different stages, the four formations emerged on the one hand. access to the finals are gained (G2 Esports, Team BDS, Team Empire and Natus Vincere), on the other the two that must regain access to the European League. Team Heroic through next year's European Challenger League, while Team Secret has the chance to stay in the competition through Relegations.

This is a phase in which the penultimate team of the European League challenges the winners of the Winner and the Loser Bracket of the European Challenger League, or MNM Gaming and HellRaisers. To gain access to the European League 2022 were MNM Gaming, who won the Challenger League final, and Team Secret who, beating the HellRaisers 3 to 2, narrowly kept their place in the top European competition. .

The finals

A comic celebrates the victory of Team BDS The most awaited moment of all, however, was the finals. In this case Team BDS against G2 Esports and Team Empire against NAVI clashed. On the one hand two formations that have deep roots in France, on the other two teams from Eastern Europe, namely Russia and Ukraine.

The transalpine derby won, not without a bit of difficulty, BDS, while the Empire walked 2-0 on the unfortunate NAVI. The Ukrainians, however, recovered in the final for third place, beating G2 Eports by 2 to 1. In addition to the lowest step of the podium, the team was awarded 15 thousand euros, against the "only" 10 thousand won by the quarter-placed.

The balance of power between East and West Europe was completely reversed in the finals: Team BDS, in fact, dominated the opponents and took home the victory with a peremptory 3-0 (7-3, 7-0, 7-2) obtained also thanks to a superlative performance by Shaiiko, the MVP of all and three rounds. For the 23-year-old French entry fragger it was the best closing of a year full of satisfactions, as demonstrated by the podium obtained during the Six Mexico Major in August


All eyes are now on at Six Invitational 2022 At this point all eyes are on 2022 and not just because we are on December 31st. In fact, the teams now have a single goal: the Six Invitational. If for the 16 best teams in the global ranking the expectation is "only" of training in anticipation of the most important tournament of the year, for all the others there are still 4 places available, one for each region.

Unfortunately the next edition of the tournament will not see Italian teams participate: the Mkers have not managed to repeat the exceptional feat of last season, when they not only reached the Six Invitational, but also won ninth place.

Who, on the other hand, will be the surprise of this year? But above all, who will win the coveted tournament? We will only find out next year, paraphrasing a joke you will hear many times over the next few hours!

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